Why is Jethro Tull considered a heavy metal

Burning Witches in the Gold Mine - Heavy Metal. Very popular.

(Kassel) Thanks to Moshpit crew, Markus and the team of Gold mine and the tireless Dirk Schneider (Masters of Cassel) Kassel has become a place of pilgrimage for heavy metal fans of various genres in recent years. Metal in Kassel? But something of!

That was six concerts with a total of 15 bands in the past week in the gold mine, four of them sold out and then the highlight on Sunday Tanith and Burning Witches.

To call Tanith an old school rock band is a compliment in the case of the British-American formation with homebase in Brooklyn.

They do not play Blue Öyster Cult, Jethro Tull (but without a flute), the early Nazareth and Wishbone Ash, but play a kind of music that these bands would have played if they had not been founded in 1976 but 40 years later in 2016.

Burning Witches in the Kassel gold mine (11/10/2019)

It comes fresh out of the speakers, the voice of the bass guitarist and singer Cindy Maynard (Photo) flatters and provides the ideal contrast to the rough vocals of guitarist Russ Tippins. It’s going to be big.

In contrast to the soulful guitar work Tanith The Swiss Burning Witches are always straight ahead. No wonder, half of the musicians played in death metal bands before.

The "burning witches" are clearly influenced by the New Wave of British Metal, the musical fathers are Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon etc. With the song "Hexenhammer" they have a hit in their portfolio that could become a classic in Power Metal . Keep it up!

It remains to be added that the climate in the gold mine during the Burning Witches performance was extremely testosterone-impregnated, although the musicians kept adding up when it came to “posing”.

Events to note:

Without any noteworthy breaks but with many noteworthy bands it goes on in Kassel Rock City. Here is a selection of mandatory dates:

  • Sixties garage punk is on Saturday, November 16 in the gold mine, with the Back Door Societywhose guitarist and drummer played for the legendary garage rockers "The Rookies" for 15 years. Anyone who likes the wild 70s and a music like in the early years of the Stones will get their money's worth here.
  • The next really big thing is the Black Metal Festival Gost, Gaal Wyrd and the great ones Mayhem on November 19th in the music theater

  • And only four days later, on November 23rd, there will be a death metal festival Wilt, Ekpyrosis and Cryptic Blood from Wolfsburg, who call their music "the rotten metal of death" and have played their way to the top of the movement over the past three years.

Metal special:

The Christmas present for all metal workers and metal chicks will be given as a late present on December 26th from 3 p.m. Musical theater at the Masters of Cassel Festival with nine bands, including The Attic (Classic Metal), SDI (Speed ​​Metal), Chaos Chaser (Trass Metal) and a late night special with the (not only Wacken) Festival Hell-o-Matic (Industrial Groove Metal) and of course a big metal market where the Christmas bonus can be turned into shirts, hoodies, teenagers, patches, albums.

All events in the gold mine: