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Professional Gamer: How to Start a Career as an Esportsman

  1. What exactly are e-athletes?
  2. What do I do as a pro gamer?
  3. The role of the audience in the success of the e-athlete
  4. 4 steps to becoming a gamer: How do I become a professional in esports?
  5. Step 1: Basic requirement for a professional gamer
  6. Step 2: Determine your game for an esports career
  7. Step 3: Competitive Gamers or Gamers for Streaming?
  8. Step 4: practice, practice, practice

Gambling, playing, gaming, daddling: no matter what you call it, playing on the computer or on consoles is very popular with many people. And for some, this is not just a nice pastime and a hobby, but a real job. These are so-called e-athletes, electronic athletes who play for coveted prize money in official clubs. The esports scene has exploded in the past decade and has become a very good source of income for many people around the world. Professional gaming is a very competitive industry and not everyone can make it. While many enjoy playing games, becoming a professional gamer takes a great deal of skill, dedication, talent, and work. With dedication and the right approach, you can begin your journey to becoming one of the best players in the world. But what are the criteria and how do you become a pro gamer?

What exactly are e-athletes?

An esportsman is a professional gamer, also known as a professional gamer or professional gamer. It is a Full-time competitive playerwho is paid to play electronic games on certain media. The games are played in competitions between individual players or teams. The most popular esports games are League of Legends, Counter Strike and the FIFA series. Even if these athletes cannot be compared with the classic professional athletes, for example in football, tennis or basketball, and the physical exertion is not written on their faces, the minds of e-athletes are very busy. Implement planned tactics and strategy and work together with a team; all of this is part of this electronic sport.

E-sports have exploded around the world, and the 15 to 30-year-olds now earn their living playing games. Of the millions of gamers who play titles like Starcraft, Halo or League of Legends, they have become so good and stand out from the crowd that many of them can earn a living playing games. The best players in the world even collect six-figure salaries between sponsors, team salaries and tournament winnings.

What do I do as a pro gamer?

Have yourself one of the coveted spots within one E-sports teams nothing stands in the way of a monthly salary. The amount of your salary is based on the league. If you belong to the best of the best and are full-time e-athletes, it cannot be ruled out that you can finance your living with the salary. In order to be able to practice and train regularly with your team, you usually live together in the same house, because training and exercise are part of everyday working life in this sport too.

you play and practice several hours a day certain games to get paid and win money. Most professional players are usually paid by their teams or sponsors to participate in gaming tournaments around the world. Many tournaments offer cash rewards for winners and can represent a large portion of a player's income. Of course, being a professional player is not just about winning tournaments, there is another type of professional player as well.

As a professional player, you are a Part of a community and you should cultivate this fellowship. Whether you're participating in forum discussions or creating your own team, it's important that you don't practice in a vacuum. External input and strategy discussions with friends who also play are important when it comes to becoming a professional.

The role of the audience in the success of the e-athlete

Since then the popularity ofn online games has increased steadily, there are many platforms on which skills and talents can be showcased. Originally, players created collage videos of their best pieces and uploaded them to YouTube as it was the only website that attracted a lot of viewers a few years ago. Gamers still do that today, but there is a much bigger and better website out there called Twitch.tv.

Twitch is an online streaming platform that enables gamers to stream games they are playing in real time to audiences around the world. Instead of just looking at the best parts of an edited video, people can now watch unedited game actions. The move from YouTube to Twitch.tv was seen as a good thing and has done wonders for player revenue.

In addition to being able to interact with the streamer live, the audience can also contribute to the stream and support the streamers through donations and subscriptions. In Germany, e-sports are becoming more and more attractive for sponsors. Football clubs like FC Schalke or Vfl Wolfsburg have founded their own e-sports teams that play for the club. The sponsors give you your salary and strengthen your image with fan articles.

4 steps to becoming a gamer: How do I become a professional in esports?

A special training to become an e-athlete there is not any. But just like any other professional sport, this one too requires a lot of exercise. And that can be up to 12 hours a day to improve your gaming skills.

Step 1: Basic requirement for a professional gamer

The basic requirement is that you play that you have one Passion for gaming have been involved with games for several years and you can imagine using this passion as motivation for a professional career in the esports industry.

Unfortunately, not everyone is made to be a professional. Even if you are good, you may not have it physical abilityto catch up with the pros. Esports requires physical and mental skills, and the best players always have to perform hundreds of actions per minute, which counts at an almost superhuman pace. It's just not possible for everyone, no matter how much they practice. You can play golf well, but that doesn't necessarily mean after 10,000 holes you will be Tiger Woods or Tom Watson.

Step 2: Determine your game for an esports career

In addition to the corresponding game equipment, i.e. mouse, keyboard and monitor, you should also look for a special game decide. You should know this game inside and out. Some of the most popular games include first person shooters (FPS), real-time strategies (RTS), multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA), card games, and fighting games. You know best which games suit you. Decide on a game category and a special game.

Gaming is a general term and if you want to become a professional gamer then you have to choose a specific game. Whether League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch or something completely different. Certain games, like Super Smash Brothers and Counter-Strike, are only for a game platform available. Possible game platforms are the Wii U, Xbox, Playstation or the PC. Decide whether you want to use the controller or a mouse and keyboard. Check out different titles for different platforms and choose a game with the appropriate platform.

Not sure which game is right for you?

Once you've played a wide variety of games, you will have a good understanding of which games are best for you. If you take a game for granted, or if you really enjoy playing a particular style of play, keep pursuing that particular genre. If you are good at managing lots of on-screen units and have a strategic mindset, consider playing an RTS. If you have a really good feel and aim, give an FPS a try. If you have a good understanding of sports strategy, you can play professional sports games like FIFA. Find out which game genre suits you and follow this game.

Step 3: Competitive Gamers or Gamers for Streaming?

Regardless of whether you choose to get one competitive gamer or a streamer to be you need to practice, practice and practice all the time. If you are a competitive player then you will be battling the best players in the world all the time and you need to make sure your skills are up to date. On the other hand, if you are a streamer then people will only be watching high ranking players. If you're not up to date, your ratings will suffer and you will lose subscribers, donations, and advertising revenue. After all, nobody wants to see a Bronze 5 player!

Which suits you better depends on whether you want to gamble or entertain. "Professional players" are typically people who compete for money in tournaments. However, there are also professional players who make a living from broadcasting their gameplay and interacting with the fans as streamer. Perhaps streaming is more for you as a professional competitive player when you can't find a game that you are really good at.

Step 4: practice, practice, practice

You should get one Training partner looking for someone who is on the same level as you or who plays better than you. So you can learn from this game partner, in the best case you work on defeating your partner at some point in the game. Through these practice phases you strengthen your playing skills and train new skills. To do this, however, you have to exercise regularly and adhere to the training plan, because only practice makes perfect.

Just like in other sports, you can only improve with enough training and increasing tasks. You can also expand your training by watching the best player in the world gambling, thanks to live streams on the Internet or uploaded videos. With this visual exercise you can, for example, look at the strategies and procedures of the mushroom and incorporate them into your training on the screen.

Ranking: Get attention by performing well

If you have trained sufficiently, you can test your skills in the game using the internal ranking list. This is how you find out how good you are compared to other players in the game. You can also log into the Amateur league of the ESL (Electronic Sports League) and draw attention to yourself with good performances. If you often do well and demonstrate talent and ability in the game, with a little luck you may receive an invitation from team leaders and scouts. With this invitation you can put your skills to the test with a trial training session. It's a kind of recruitment test that you can use to prove why you belong on an esports team.

On the Path to becoming a professional esportsman But you should never forget that the focus should be on having fun while playing. You must be aware that the road to becoming a successful and well-known gamer is a rocky one, and that not only talent plays a role. Stand by your abilities and try to develop your skills and not lose sight of the goal, consider the steps mentioned and you will be successful in the gaming scene. I wish you success!

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