Was aluminum ever worth more than gold?

Record price for gold: The perfect bubble

Gold trade is not recorded by trade statistics, it is made unrecognizable for trade in India and the Far East by refining gold in Switzerland in new denominations. Gold is physically suitable as a "war currency" (see Nazi gold robbery trade with Switzerland, Turkey in World War II) to covertly turn trade balances into deficit or surplus. In 2013 Great Britain, unnoticed by the financial markets, turned its trade deficit against Switzerland into a surplus through gold exports, because gold is an uncontrollable currency in the global shadow economy, money laundering, drug, human and arms trade. B. from the Congo, Kinshasa, arms trade, financing of private mercenary troops, secret armies of states, alliances, handled via gold trade, is not statistically recorded.

If it were otherwise, gold mining with devastating consequences for the health of the local population, the environment and the climate would have long been forbidden to be content with knowledge of gold deposits in certain countries, to recognize them as security for borrowing or to recognize them if they were left in the ground. to trade with derivatives, certificates on them

Why has the gold price been rising since Nine Eleven 2001, the war against international terrorism, unabated, in view of the increasing debts of the states involved in coalitions more willing for armaments, intervention troops stationing for so-called training and stabilization missions, currently the Bundeswehr is present in 11 foreign missions, frigate Holstein is currently rolling at 250 Soldiers, mandated by the Bundestag, headed for Libya for 12th deployment. Question, to what extent is the introduction of the euro in 2002 a factor that, unlike gold in the USA, makes it difficult to reduce foreign debts and trade deficits as before by printing money at the expense of third parties?

Strange, Bitcoin, gold buying has been promoted for years by G√ľnther Jauch, Thomas Gottschalck