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How to get rid of irritation in the genital area after shaving

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Depilation of the genital area is a delicate process. Maintenance of this area should be appropriate. There are common cases of irritation, sores, and purple spots after shaving. All of this is a skin reaction to the machine. Shaving is one of the cheapest ways to deal with excessive vegetation. Not every girl will be able to survive waxing or sugar paste. Therefore, the question of how to get rid of irritation in the intimate zone becomes even more relevant.

Why is irritation occurring?

  • Using a blunt-bladed razor;
  • Carrying out a procedure against hair growth;
  • Lack of basic supplies before and after shaving;
  • poor skin preparation for the procedure;
  • a large group of ingrown hairs;
  • Depilation takes place without steaming and cleaning the skin beforehand.
  • Dry shave without the use of gel, foam;
  • strong pressure on the machine during the procedure;
  • perform depilations every day;
  • The skin of the genital area is hypersensitive.
  • Alcohol consumption after shaving;
  • the use of a rusty, poor quality machine;
  • Use of agents, including talcum powder, before the procedure.

How to relieve irritation with medication

At the pharmacy you can find many drugs that are designed to relieve irritation. Using ointments and gels according to the instructions soothes the skin and prevents hair ingrown.

  1. Polysporin (ointment) - the composition is aimed at eliminating an allergic reaction. Ideal for sensitive and delicate bikini skin. The ointment soothes burning, removes redness and small pimples.
  2. Neosporin (ointment) - the drug is designed to prevent the development of infections, has regenerative and wound-healing properties. Suitable for people whose skin bleeds and itches after shaving.
  3. Malavit (gel) - a targeted gel cream cools sensitive skin, relieves burning and itching, and fights the development of infectious processes and pimples. Malavit is widely used to treat cuts in the skin.
  4. Miramistin, chlorhexidine (solution) - these drugs are available in the form of a solution, but buy the composition without adding alcohol. To remove irritation, smear a cotton ball and wipe the skin. If there is an anti-alcohol drug, dilute it 1 to 1 with filtered water.
  5. Solcoseryl (cream) is the most popular drug among women. It was developed to relieve tension and discomfort after depilation with cream and razors.
  6. Bacitratin is a bactericidal agent used to disinfect wounds that appear during shaving. The drug prevents the appearance of bruises and ingrown hairs.
  7. Hydrocortisone ointment is an antiseptic that is used in complex cases. If after depilation you encounter unbearable burning, itching and discomfort, buy an ointment and apply it according to the instructions.
  8. Acetylsalicylic acid (tablets) - All known aspirins can be used to relieve irritation after shaving. Turn some tablets into powder and dilute them into a paste with clean water. Lay out the problem area and rub it gently. Remove the product, wipe the skin with lemon juice.

How to relieve irritation with folk remedies

  1. Sour cream with butter. If you have sensitive skin that is constantly irritated after shaving, prepare a mask. Cool 50 gr. Sour cream with a fat content of 20%. Add 10 ml of olive oil at room temperature. Knead until smooth and spread over the problem area. Rub lightly, expect a quarter of an hour. Rinse with cold water only.
  2. Medicinal plants. Get the dried chamomile inflorescences, sage, or string from the pharmacy. Choose your favorite product, brew with boiling water and leave for 1 hour. After this time, moisten the cosmetic sponge in the broth and squeeze it. Apply in the form of a compress. Expect half an hour.
  3. parsley This type of green quickly soothes the skin and turns it white from bruises. Choose dry or fresh parsley. Grind it, pour boiling water in equal amounts. Let it steep for 30 minutes and then filter. Fold a cheesecloth or bandage in 5 layers and let it soak in a brew. After depilation, apply to irritated skin and leave for a third of an hour.
  4. Aloe vera Buy aloe vera gel from a pharmacy or use a plant you have at home. Cut off the fleshy stem, squeeze out the flesh (gel) and apply it to the skin, chilled. Rub in carefully, then let the composition take effect. Rinse off after 20 minutes. Kalanchoe behaves similarly. If the irritation does not go away immediately, repeat the action several times a day.
  5. Ether of the tea tree. Get ether at a specialty store or pharmacy. Prepare the base oil: olive oil, corn, burdock or olive oil (30 ml). Add 2 drops of ether to the base, mix. Immediately after depilation, lubricate the delicate skin of the skin of the bikini area with this composition, do not rinse. If oily stains remain, remove excess material with a cotton sponge.

Prevention of irritation

  1. Before manipulation, buy a quality registered brand machine. It's no secret that the blades have to be sharp to get the result you want. There is an opinion among the fair sexes that men's razors are better suited for such purposes.
  2. Machines for the stronger sex have a slightly different structure. A razor can reach inaccessible places. If you choose to use disposable machines, be aware that they are only designed for shaving legs. Always dry it with a good razor after use and change the blades systematically.
  3. Always perform preparatory manipulations before the main procedure. Use a soft scrub or scrub. You get a clean and non-oily skin, the hair becomes significantly softer. After shaving, it is forbidden to rub the skin with a washcloth and apply products containing alcohol.
  4. Always moisturize your skin with a soft, nourishing cream. The tool soothes the epidermis and prevents the development of the irritation process. It is forbidden to touch the injured skin and, in particular, to comb it. Otherwise, you run the risk of infection. Usually scars remain afterwards.
  5. If you are the owner of sensitive skin, it is highly recommended not to resort to daily shaving of the intimate area. In this case, the epidermis should to a certain extent rest. The best option is the procedure every other day. So you will not run into an urgent problem.
  6. The question among experts remains whether products containing talc can cause irritation. It has been proven that the evening time is considered the optimal time of manipulation. With the start of the next day, the skin has time to calm down and fully recover.
  7. It is also worth noting that after shaving the intimate area, it is recommended to go to bed to relax without underwear. If you experience frequent irritation, it is a good idea to choose the right underwear. It should be natural and not very tight.

Alternative shave

  1. If the above recommendations have not helped and irritation is still evident, it is recommended that you apply a depilatory cream. A similar tool works very gently on the skin tissue, making the hair shaft softer.
  2. Then the cream is removed along with the hair with a special staple. The plus is that the tool does not interfere with the root part. Such creams are saturated with soothing and emollient ingredients. Usually the product contains esters, vitamins and components with a cooling effect.
  3. Thanks to the unique procedure, you will not feel any unpleasant and painful sensations. The skin becomes smooth, soft, there is no reddening. The cream is recommended for use on hypersensitive skin. The method of application is quite simple.
  4. It is important to know that when choosing a cream, you will give preference to a product that is intended exclusively for the bikini line. The composition for removing hair on other parts of the body may cause an abnormal reaction of the epidermis. Do not use expired cream.
  5. When choosing, pay attention to the note that the product should affect the hair thickness and stiffness. Usually, the kit includes a cream, instructions, a sponge or special spatula and oil, as well as a directional lotion after the manipulation.
  6. Be sure to test the allergic reaction before starting the procedure. Spread a small amount of the product on an invisible area of ​​the skin and wait a few minutes. If there are no discrepancies, you can use the product as indicated.
  7. To start the procedure, the body must be dry and clean. Apply the composition evenly and wait a while. This is stated in the instructions. Then remove the product with a special tool against hair growth. Take a shower and rinse off the rest of the product. Treat your skin with lotion or oil.

If you encounter a similar problem, then find out what its source is. Replace machines completely. Do not perform frequent manipulations. Take care of your skin with targeted products. Disinfect the dermis with medication. Try to remove vegetation with a special cream.

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