Are people with preventable personality disorder unstable

What types of personality disorders are there?

Three main groups of personality disorders are summarized:

  • Group a:
    • Features: weird, eccentric
    • Disorders: paranoid, schizoid
  • Group B:
    • Features: dramatic, emotional, moody
    • Disorders: histrionic, narcissistic, antisocial and borderline
  • Group C:
    • Characteristics: fearful, fearful
    • Disorders: insecure, dependent, compulsive

Dependent personality disorder

Affected people are dedicated to the relationships in their life and care about others which makes their life worth living. They place the highest value on lasting bonds, strive to keep their relationships together and are loyal, helpful and ...

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Compulsive Personality Disorder

People with a conscientious personality style are the backbone of western industrial societies. They have strong moral principles and absolute convictions, their behavior is characterized by a special dedication to hard work and the will to ...

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Anxious Avoidant Personality Disorder

People with a sensitive style prefer the known to the unknown and can best develop their skills when the world is small and people are familiar to them. You love habit, repetition, and routine. They are her family and their ...

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Schizotypic personality disorder

People with an eccentric style are not like anyone else. They are dreamers, seekers, visionaries, mystics. They draw strength from their own feelings and belief systems, live in their own world and are blind to conventions, which is why they often ...

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Schizoid personality disorder

People with an unsociable style have little need for company and do not need anyone but themselves. They are self-sufficient and independent, balanced, calm and dispassionate, unsentimental and unshakable. Unsociable people neither want ...

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Paranoid personality disorder

The watchful style turns people into survival experts. Nothing escapes their attention, people and situations around them are carefully observed and examined. Vigilant people recognize hidden motives, evasions and the smallest distortions of the truth. You ...

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Narcissistic Personality Disorder

People with a confident style are often talented leaders and the focus of their public or private world. They believe in themselves and their abilities, are well aware of their thoughts and feelings and they know what they want. ...

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Histrionic Personality Disorder

Dramatic people are emotional people and live in a world full of color and intensity. They are sensation-oriented, show their feelings openly, change quickly from mood to mood, tend to spontaneous and impulsive behavior and use the moment. For ...

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Dissocial Personality Disorder

Adventurous people toss their caution out the window and lead us into areas that most mortals fear. You live on the knife edge, question boundaries and restrictions and let yourself be thrilled for better or for worse ...

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Borderline personality disorder

In borderline personality disorder there is a profound pattern of instability in interpersonal relationships, in self-image and in affects, as well as marked impulsiveness.

People with this personality disorder are desperate ...

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