What is the best water bottle


  • Compared to a conventional bottle, for example from the supermarket, a drinking bottle can be used several times. Easy to clean and transport, it can be carried with you every day to quench your thirst.
  • Normal bottles are made of breakable glass or very thin plastic. A high-quality model, for example a stainless steel drinking bottle, is very robust and can withstand heavy loads. Tightly closed, no liquid can escape and the bag / backpack stay dry.
  • If you choose a product made of plastic, you will find manufacturers whose bottles are BPA-free. Such materials then do not contain any harmful substances and are therefore not hazardous to health.

Whether in everyday life or for leisure, drinking bottles can be used in many ways and donate water and other delicious drinks everywhere. This is an advantage, especially on hot days, where it is important to drink a lot.

A special drinking bottle for children provides the little ones in kindergarten, school or in the stroller with enough fluids. Alternatively, a drinking bottle is even available for a baby. The drinking vessels are included ideally adapted in size and type of mouthpiece.

A drinking bottle for sports is easy to handle and is your loyal companion and water dispenser in the gym, when hiking or cycling. This means that you can withstand greater loads without any problems and do not dehydrate.

1. Drinking bottles are reusable and durable

The bottles with their ergonomic shape are very practical for sports.

Probably the biggest advantage of a drinking bottle is its reusability. Instead of constantly having to buy reusable bottles and take away empties, it becomes easy filled with the desired drink and carried along.

Solid material ensures that the body can withstand strong impacts and does not break. In addition, many products are very easy to hold. In the drinking bottle test are some models ergonomically adapted and very easy to grasp.

Depending on the use and liquid requirements, you can get bottles with different capacities. For example, a drinking bottle has a volume of 1 liter. You will also find a drinking bottle with a capacity of 1.5 liters. If desired, a drinking bottle with a straw is available.

If you take a closer look at a drinking bottle test in 2021, you will find suitable products for different areas of application in each category. But in general, the special bottles have some advantages:

  • Robust materials and construction for heavy loads
  • Firmly lockable, thanks to the rubber seal does not leak
  • Easy to clean / dishwasher safe
  • Easy to store and transport
  • BPA-free for plastic drinking bottles
  • BPA-free models are often more expensive than normal ones

Regardless of whether at work, during sporting activities or on a long trip. A drinking bottle is available in a wide variety of designs, colors and shapes. Each model is suitable for a specific purpose.

Fill your bottle with hot or cold drinks. Some models are very well insulated and save the temperature as best as possible. Insulated drinking bottles with cups are practical.

Which water bottle is best for you depends on how it is used. Find out from a few equipment options what is possible and which functions the respective models fulfill:

Bicycle water bottle
  • Models are specially adapted for cycling
  • Drinking bottle is leak-proof
  • Bicycle drinking bottle is always at hand thanks to the drinking bottle holder
  • Can even be used for drinking while driving
Drinking bottles for children
  • Drinking bottle for school or kindergarten is smaller than usual
  • Better in the hands
  • Absorbs less fluid
Drinking bottle with fruit container
  • There is a filter insert in the bottle body
  • Also known as a fruit container
  • Delicious seasonal fruits can be placed here

2. Drinking bottles - materials and properties

2.1. BPA-free drinking bottles are free of harmful substances

If you don't want to opt for a glass drinking bottle, you also have that Choice of other materials such as aluminum or plastic. The latter is very robust and not fragile to glass. The particular advantage here is that many manufacturers make sure that their products are BPA-free. But what does that mean exactly?

BPA is an industrial chemicalwhich is also known as biophenol. This is harmful to health in the long term and is therefore not contained in the BPA-free bottles.

2.2. Drinking bottles for professional outdoor activities

Many nature lovers are often out and about, for example hiking in forests or climbing high mountains. For these and other outdoor activities are also available suitable models with advantageous properties available.

Since a lot of storage space is required in the backpack for clothes and other accessories, the classic PET bottles are a real problem as soon as things get tight. Therefor For example, foldable drinking bottles are available. Further features of the outdoor bottles:

  • With carabiner
  • Integrated cup
  • Hinged lid

3. Purchase advice - fitness and outdoor drinking bottles are particularly popular

If you carry out a test for drinking bottles and make comparisons, you will quickly notice how large the selection of products is. If you want to buy a cheap drinking bottle, you usually get a normal model, but you have to do without any additional extras or special features. These would be, for example:

  • Depending on the type, the drinking bottle is BPA free
  • Light and insulating aluminum
  • Fruit container for various additives
  • Very robust bottles for the necessary longevity

3.1. Different areas of application: At work, during sport or in general in everyday life

Small and handy drinking bottles are better for children.

If you take water or other drinks with you to work every day and don't value big extras and accessories, a perfectly normal drinking bottle is sufficient. Here are the drinking models as well Equipped with a safe and leak-proof closure.

Do you use a water bottle for other recreational technical activities such as sports? Then it can't hurt to choose a suitable model. Bottles specially adapted for this are for example insulated, unbreakable and can be stowed away to save space.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from several filling quantities. Herewith carry up to 1.5 liters with you, ideal if your activities or trips take longer.

3.2. Suitable closures, brackets and insulation for every need

A comparison for drinking bottles shows that the models are equipped with different closures. These will for example screwed or unfolded. While some are completely removable, others are firmly attached to the bottle and won't get lost even open.

Bottle cages are also an often sought-after product that interested parties often inquire about. These offer the possibility to have a beverage bottle with you at all times and to be able to attach it easily. Whether as a bicycle water bottle or in the car. You even get a double holder for two bottles or a special offer for large 1.5 liter bottles.

Tip: If you want to buy a water bottle, make sure that it serves your everyday needs. The additional weight should also be taken into account. Carried along and completely filled, it can become an unnecessary additional burden.

4. Cleaning and care of drinking bottles

Drinking bottles can be easily rinsed out. Due to the smooth surface, no residues stick to the inner wall, which has a particularly hygienic advantage. There's even the option of that Simply put bottles in the dishwasher. However, it can happen that a print is rinsed off the bottle - as is the case with children's drinking bottles with a colorful motif.

For the best possible cleaning, turn off the cap completely and also place it in the basket. Make sure that the bottle faces downwards like a drinking glass.

Note: When choosing the drinking bottle, pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions. These provide information about whether the respective product is suitable for a dishwasher. This is the case for most of them, only a few bottles made of stainless steel or aluminum are not suitable for it.

The Stiftung Warentest also often provides information about which brand is worthwhile and what advantages and disadvantages the individual models have. A drinking bottle is also recognized here at regular intervals as a test winner. Individual facts and properties provide information on whether the bottle is suitable for you or not. Products are tested that are ideal for everyday use, but also for leisure (or sport).

5. Questions and answers about drinking bottles

5.1. These manufacturers exist

Good plastic bottles are free from harmful substances.

In the meantime, some manufacturers have established themselves on the market and made a good name. Below is a list of the most popular distributors. For example, you can almost always find Sigg drinking bottles on offer.

  • Tupperware drinking bottle
  • Nalgene drinking bottle
  • Sigg bottles
  • Emil drinking bottle
  • Camelbak drinking bottle

5.2. Which drinking bottle is suitable for school?

Make sure that your child can handle the bottle easily and can open and close it easily. In addition, it can't hurt to opt for a smaller model. Items made of metal are particularly durable. You will receive special children's bottles with beautiful designs for boys and girls.

5.3. Which drinking bottle is suitable for a 2-year-old child?

Young children in particular at the age of 2 do not yet have sensible drinking behavior. Accordingly, you should choose a drinking bottle that is specially adapted for it. Bottles for toddlers are leak-proof and only dispense liquid when the child pulls or sucks on the bottle.

5.4. How often should you change a drinking bottle?

These materials are harmless to health in drinking bottles

When choosing any material, you should not only pay attention to robustness. Health tolerance should also play a role. For example, aluminum and glass do not contain any dangerous additives, but pollutant-free plastic (BPA-free) is also friendly.

Depending on the intensity of use and the associated wear and tear, a drinking bottle also has to be replaced and changed one day. For example, when there are unpleasant smells. But also the Poetry can lose strength over timeso that liquid emerges. If this is the case, a new purchase is recommended.

5.5. Has Stiftung Warentest already tested drinking bottles?

In the past there was already a drinking bottle test in which the Stiftung Warentest examined several products. Among other things, the leak tightness and the smell of the bottle were examined. The foundation also states that the best drink bottles should always be free of BPA.

What grades did the individual drinking bottles receive in our comparison?

You can choose your personal drinking bottle test winner from the following list:

  • First place - very good: BM-AF1P from BeMaxx Fitness - exemplary internet price: 28 euros
  • Second place - good: Eddy outdoor drinking bottle from Camelbak - exemplary internet price: 20 euros
  • Third place - good: Total Clear One from Sigg - exemplary internet price: 12 euros
  • Fourth place - good: SB10-11 from Soulbottles - exemplary internet price: 30 euros
  • Fifth place - good: F3030500 Drink2Go from Emsa - exemplary internet price: 8 euros
  • Sixth place - good: Everyday OTF from Nalgene - exemplary internet price: 13 euros
  • Seventh place - good: Everyday WH by Nalgene - exemplary internet price: 14 euros
  • Eighth place - good: MM Gin Mismatch Ginkgo from EQUA - exemplary internet price: 22 euros
  • Ninth place - good: uberBottle from 720 DGREE - exemplary internet price: 20 euros
  • Tenth place - good: vacuum-insulated drinking bottle from Aorin - exemplary internet price: 19 euros

In summary, although the "good" drinking bottles and "satisfactory" drinking bottle models predominate in the drinking bottle comparison, one drinking bottle was awarded the grade "very good" and the title "comparison winner": You can use the BM-AF1P from BeMaxx Fitness for Buy 27.99 euros.

Two manufacturers are represented in the drinking bottle comparison with more than just one product. Both Sigg and Nalgene offer "good" and "very good" drinking bottles.

More information "

How many drinking bottles from different manufacturers did the editors include in the drinking bottle comparison?

In comparison, we present drinking bottles from 10 different manufacturers so that you can choose the best one for you from the 12 products. More information "

How much money must at least be invested in a drinking bottle to get a very good product?

The most expensive product in the drinking bottle comparison costs 29.61 euros. However, you can buy good drinking bottles for an average of 18.21 euros. More information "

Which drinking bottle was rated the most by buyers?

So far, a large number of customers have already commented on the product after purchasing, the uberBottle from 720 DGREE received a total of 19739 reviews. More information "

Are there any models in the drinking bottle comparison that have been awarded "VERY GOOD" by the editorial team?

Exactly one drinking bottle received the grade "VERY GOOD": the BM-AF1P from BeMaxx Fitness. More information "

What other items were customers who bought a drinking bottle looking for?

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