Are Baby IIMs worth joining

a: also (isch a = me too)
å: one
AA: Big business. The two a are pronounced separately
Aabeh: Abortion
ääbsch: clumsy, wrong; look ni sou ääbsch = don't look so angry
Aach: eye
äädsch: malicious exclamation when something did not work
Aaschelsbach: Eichelsbach
Abbel: apple; Ebbel: apples
äbbes: something
åbluxe: lose weight a little cunningly, take over
Abrahams Wåschtkessel: In Obernburg the children also come from Abraham's Wurstkessel.
åbseiern: sieve
åbsonåd: sensitive, snowy
poor: poor, weak, miserable
Åfel: Arm full (e.g. wood)
åfele: gobble in, eat quickly
Affeeck: Corner of Römerstrasse and Mainstrasse, formerly the meeting place for the Obernburg men
Ail: oil, aile: oil
Äische: harrow, Äische: harrow
Ajox: You may be an Ajox = a stupid guy; transferred also for rucksack: now I have to put the Ajox on my shoulder again.
ällebäädsch: malicious if something didn't work out
alleridd: every moment, often
always: now; always soin mä dât = we are there, we got to the point.
allminånner: all together
Allmoi: a person who wants everything (everything to me)
alsemål: sometimes
then: never mind, it goes on!
åmend: at the end, maybe, about; hey shall haas werrn, åmend right
America: parcel
ånäschd: different
Ånke: Neck
Ånker: Anker, Gasthaus “Zum Anker”
ånnä Johr: next year
ånnä: along (do gäits ånnä)
ånnermol: another time
åns: one
ånzeln: individually
ånzelnes: single
annoy: crazy
årsch: bad, very
årschlings: backwards
Åschbohne: swear word
ashes: spied
Ärwet: work
Atzel: Magpie
Äätzel: parcel
Atzelaach: corns
ausenånnä: apart
aweil: now, just now
äwwä: but
Äwwär: Boar

Bå: leg
Babbelarsch: someone who talks all the time
Babb: Glue
babbe: glue, someone glue one
babbele: talk
babbic: sticky
Babbler: someone who talks a lot
Babbsack: a filthy finch who babbles / sticks with dirt
babbsatt: eaten too full
Bäddel: burden; Throw down Bäddel
badsche: hit
Badschmaul: someone who gossips, traitor
bath-wet: very wet
Badschweib: gossipy woman who teases
Bädsel: the rear of the poultry
båfissemisch: barefoot
båfissisch: barefoot
Bagaasch: derogatory for several people (clan, pack, rabble); stay away from me with the bagaasch
båmbele: dangle, hang down
Bavarian: stubborn, stubborn, reluctant
Bångerd: naughty child, also illegitimate child
Bärre: sheaf; An armful of cut and tied grain stalks
Bårschemåster: Mayor
Bärwelsche Ebbelwoi: Jug in a special shape and size filled with cider
Bäschdebinner: brush binder; To be hungry like a bag diner.
Bässem: broom
Batsch: light children's handshake (large batsch)
batsch: suddenly, suddenly
Bätscher: racket, e.g. for tennis or badminton
Batz: Coin, money
Båtzel: little child
Båtzelbåm: somersault
baufdisch: suddenly
Båuts: Scarecrow, scary guy
Bawilon: Former building above the former OVGO.
båzzele: tumble
bäzzisch: cheeky answers
Bebel: dried nasal mucus
bebele: piercing the nose
bedabbeld: understood
bedatsche: touching, fingering, also ogedatschd
beeze: frighten, frighten
Belzish: furry, numb; my arm feels furry.
Villain: rude boy, bully; Wooden hangers
Benk: Bench
Bennel: band; Schubennel
Bensel: Brush
berabbe: pay
berabbelt: got it
Besch: (the) Bach, especially the old Mühlbach in Obernburg
Bettsaascher: bed wetter
shivering: scolding, shivering from the cold
Biebsgeigel: arguing (pronounce egg separately)
biesagge: torment
bigge: stoop
Biggel: Marble, shot
Bigse: rifle
Billischhoimer: Someone who wants everything cheap or for free.
up to Oha: up to no longer goes on
bizzele: to bizzle
Blaaschwiese: Bleaching meadow, used to bleach laundry in the sun
bläse: Blasé blessing received
bläze: cry
blåus: just, just
blåuskebbisch: with bare head, without headgear
lightning blue: stepping up from blue, even fully drunk
bloddern: fart
blodsche: smoking
Blosåsch: Naked ass, who did it? A de Blosåsch!
blose: blow
Blunse: animal stomach filled with sausage; bigger ball; enlarged belly
Bobbe: doll
bobbele: cradle a baby in your arms.
Bobbelsche: toddler, baby
Bobbes: backside
Bockbånisch: defiant, stubborn
Boddem: floor, storage
Bolle: horse apple
bossele: tinker
Brabbs: Mud, quagmire
Bråmbes: porridge, meant more negatively
Brass: anger
brebele: persistently grumble, nag
Brebler: Nagger
Brenke: tin tub for washing and bathing
Brigge: Bridge
Briggemädd: Parcel Brückenberg
britzebraad: make very wide, reinforcement for wide
Brodsche: pout
Broggefest: leftover food after a party
Brogsel: Crumbs
brozzele: sizzle
Brumbelsuppe: Trouble that (mostly) a man gets when he comes home too late, for example
Brussem: Crumbs
Budze: short rain showers or the remains of eaten fruit with a core


daab: deaf; daabes Hinkel = someone without temperament
roof: good
daafe: baptize
Daasch: dough
Dabbe: someone is crazy, has a dappen.
Dabbes: bumbling person
dabbisch: bumbling, being stupid
dabbsche: touch
Dabbikes: someone who rarely succeeds
Dachhås: cat
dear her: that her (man)
Daiwenker: a brisk person who doesn't exactly have good manners
däiwisch: wild, over-the-top; someone is behaving in a dewish language
Dalehnskass: Loan office, today Raiffeisenbank
dalle: hit, also verdalle = hit
dåmisch: crazy, not calculable
Dåne: Dornau
Dånegaas: pine cones
Dånnegickel: pine cones
Danish: thorns
dårgele: stagger
Guts: swear word
Dåscht: someone who is very slow
dåtzele: stagger, stagger
dåtzelisch: wobbly
Deeds: Head
deedsde: would you (Wås deedsde goose = what would you like to eat)
dem soi: that his (wife)
denäwe: next to it
dengele: sharpen the scythe, verdengele = spank
Derrabbel: skinny person
des is mä wåscht: I don't care
des un sell: this and that
des: this
desded linen: that's why
Dibbe: bigger pot
Dibsche: potty, e.g. chamber pot; small saucepan
Dieflder: = deep valley (field name)
do: there, here
double-mobbed: doing something twice, e.g. Smear butter and jam on the bread.
dobbsche: play with the top
Dobsch: spinning top (toy)
dodebei: there
dodefor / dodefir: for this, for this
dodemid: with that, with this
dodevo: of it
in between: in between
Doldi: Boobies
Dollbohrer: clumsy, dumb person
Dolldab: bumbling person; Clumsy
dotze: tap the ball
Doul: Gully
Drachooner: feisty man-woman
Rotary peder: slow, lazy, boring person (walking, speaking, working)
Driedschler: a particularly lame person
driwwe: over there
driwwer: about it
drowwe: upstairs
down: down
drunner: underneath
Drudschel: fat woman, small woman
Dubbe: dab
Dudde: Bag
Duddel: Pacifier
duddele: get drunk, get drunk
Dumb babbler: dumb babbler
Dumbbell: dumb bag
Dunnä: Thunder
Dunnäkeil: Thunderbolt, an appreciative salutation when something special has succeeded. You are a thunderbolt!
Dunnäwäddä: thunderstorm, thunderstorm
Dunsel: Fool, clumsy, slow person who is not on the ball
dussele: showering, sleeping lightly

Ebbel: apples
Ebbelbett: Apple bed, shelf in the cellar on which the harvested apples were laid out in autumn.
Ebbelküschelschen: apple cakes, apple slices baked in batter.
Ebbelwoi: apple cider
eieri: yours
Eifelsche: Small stove
Eschisch: Eschau
eschofiern: excite, heat
esdemiern: acknowledge, respect, appreciate, observe
ewwe: just
ewwern: upper
Ewwern Gass: Obere Gass

fä: for
Fäascheise: lively girl
Fachott: Bad name for women, you're an old Fachott
fall: fail, the food falls
fåmenn: one after the other
Fångeise: wedding ring
Fångsches: Play catch
fånnisch: a cow is fånnisch = heated
Fätz with Krigge: nonsense
Fätz: farts; someone has a lot of fools in their head = nonsense, pranks
fåtzlång: Long fart, every moment
Celebration: fire; celebration
Feng: Lashes
Fickmiehl: Mill game
fiero: forward; do fiero = hurry up
fissidiern: disassemble, sort
Fissimadende: don't do fissimadende, don't make nonsense
Fitze: crumbly pastries
flap: hit, hit
Flapping: e.g. cow flapping, belly flapping when jumping into the water
Flessje: curb gutter
Flick: someone hangs the flick, the wings; he is depressed.
Flieschengelsche: holding a child by the hands and tossing it around in a circle
Flitsch: wings; Lose the Flitsch ni sou henge; Don't let the wings hang like that
Flitschje: reckless girl
Raft: gully between the street and the sidewalk
Flurschitz: Flurschütz
flutsche: something goes fast, it slips
Fraa: Woman
question: break down
asks: broken
frånselisch babbele: talk a lot
Frånssem: threads; frayed = frayed
Frånzousewäsch: Franzosenweg; Today the Mittlerer Höhenweg, built by French prisoners of war
has been.
Frecker: cheeky guy, often meant to be appreciative.
Freckling: cheeky, often also a little guy
Food bag: Heavy eater, wolverine
Friehschobbe: Morning pint
frotzele: annoy someone
fuchtisch: someone is fuchtisch, angry
fuggern: act
Funsel: weak light
fuschele: blindly feeling something, looking in the dark
Fussem: fluff

Gääleriwe: yellow beet
gaalern: fun playing around, romping around
Gaas: goat or gas
Gåde: garden
Gaferlabbes: Bibs
gafern: drool
gagelisch: wobbly, not stable
Gähschde: barley
Gasping: area
gäschenånner: against each other
gånz sche: very; gånz sche stupid = very stupid
Gårschel: Gurgel
gätze: creak. e.g. a bed
gauze: barking, coughing heavily
Gawwel: fork
Babbling, stupid: stupid, confused talk
Gebadsch: Continue telling confidential information from the back
bathed: cut
Gebrogsel: Crumbs
gedäfft: allowed
Gedeens: Noise, a lot of wind
Gedees: Make trouble
Drawn: dreamed
Duddling: monotonous music
Geede: Godmother
Gegauz: cough, bark
lifted as well as dubbed: no matter how, the result is the same
Geigel: Hahn (pronounce egg separately)
Gelärsch: dilapidated walls
leaned: borrowed
right ?: was not?
Gelumb: old stuff
gelurt: secretly looked, lurked
Gemånsch: Mixing things up, e.g. when eating
Gensrå: Gänserain is today's Mainstrasse
plocked: picked
gerabbeld full: very full (e.g. apple tree)
Geraffel: old stuff
Geschje: small mouth, Näschgeschje (Naschgosche)
Gesotze: sat
Gewäwär: Confusion
gewiggt: a little lifted, try how difficult it is
chosen: hard work
won: won
Zäwwel: Bunch of children
Gieges: new, still fermenting cider
giegse: prick, prick, prick
Poison niggel: uncomfortable person who likes to squirt his poison
Poison zwersch: small person who becomes poisonous when irritated
Gischbl: conceited person
Giwwel: gable
glaab: (I) believe
glaawe: believe
Glånzstoff: Factory on the other side of the Main since 1927, meanwhile several name changes: ENKA, AKZO,
Acordis, NewCell, ICO. The name “Glanzstoff” has been retained.
Gligger: Marble, Gunslinger
Glotzaach: Fried egg
Gnagger ålder: old, idiot man
gnauge: nod
Gosche: mouth, freschi Gosche = cheeky mouth
Grås: grass
gräier than wie: Obernburger increase: e.g. bigger than becomes bigger than like
graschbele: rustle
Griddl: red clay on the Main, with which children used to paint themselves as Indians
Griffl: Finger (take the Griffl away)
Grind: scab
Grindgosche: herpes
Grische: early plums
gritzegrau: gray gray
griwwelisch: be restless, there is griwwelt in me
Gronisch: Parcel towards Wörth, at the former campsite, formerly a swimming area
Grotze: Gurgel; the hått sisch de Grotze drunk
Gruusch: old stuff
gruusche: rummage around
gschdånne: confessed
Gschdegg: insidious, sly being, mostly female
gschennt: scolded
Gschiss do: make unnecessary fuss
gselld: should
Gsetzje: a small section in a document, a section in the rosary
Gsoggs: shady characters
gsotze: sat, meant physically as well as transferred; the remark has sat
gsunnt: sunbathed
GUKO: stands for Gustl Konze, the Obernburg local poet
Gutsje: Sweet

Huh ?: Excuse me, I didn't understand you. Could you repeat it all over again?
Haabsche: vegetable head
haache: hit, hit
haas: = isch haas = my name is; heit is äwwä haas = today it's hot.
Haawisch: Haibach
håbb e mol: hold on tight
håbbe: hold
dapper: crazy; you make me look silly
Håbdse !: Hold you! Cheer for handball
Hackkletzje: tough guy
håddisch: quickly
Hådmeswäd: Hartmannswörth (parcel)
Håffe: Jug
Haffsche: small pot
häggele: chop
Haggelschen: teeth of small children
Haglebasch: everything that belongs to you; Get out of here and take all your Haglebasch with you!
Hai: hay (pronounce ai separately)
Häibåmm: midwife
Half berries: blueberries
hålt: Then nemme mer hoalt stands for the acceptance of the last available alternative; then we spend
old the vacation in the Spessart.
Håmbel: a handful (e.g. berries)
Hämbelsche: little handful, little guy
Håmbl full: Hand full
Håmdixer: Secret light, insidious
Håndumm: Nickname of the Obernburger, probably derived from Hans-Thomas
Hånnebåmbel: Helper, someone who doesn't like to do something alone needs a Hannebambel
Hårdsche: fruit troughs
Hås: hare
Häsch: Deer
Hasche: Former inn “Hirschen”, today Spilgerhaus
Häscheeck: corner in front of the former “zum Hirschen” inn, corner of Schillerstrasse and Römerstrasse.
Håulwiese: meadow at the old Mühlbach estuary; Meadow for bleaching laundry, fairground
Häwesje: little child
Hawwer: oats (grain)
häzus: forward
heän un säije: hear and see
Heckeloinschen: kind of lianas, cigarette substitute in earlier years for the youth
hegele: crochet
Heggmegg: nonsense
Hegrun: Haingrund
Hempfling: little guy
Herringbennischer: braggart, busybody
hewwe mä: we have
hewwe: have
Height: rose hip
hilaean: lie down
Hingel: Chicken
Hinnerfotz: devious person
hinnenånner: one behind the other, also in a dispute (we are hinnenånner)
Hinnerquartier: backside, buttocks
Hiwwel: small elevation
Holler: elderberry
Howwel: planer
Hudsimbel: idiot
hinnerscht-ferderscht: wrong, thing started wrong
hinnewäddä: then backwards
hiwwe un driwwe: over here and over there
hizus: towards
hobse: hop
hogge, gehoggd: to sit; someone hoggd = he is in jail
howwe: up here
Howwelschbee: wood shavings
Hudde henge: to be sad, to hang your head (also flowers)
Hudde full booze: get drunk
huddele: don't do it properly, work sloppily and hastily
Huffstedder Gens: free (Hoffstetten geese)
Hundbåm: old path from the cemetery to Deckelmannstrasse
Hungälabbes: curmudgeon
hunne: below
Hunnstrab: Swimming style = swimming like a dog
Hunsfotze: contemptuous: absolutely worthless
Hutzel: dried fruit; wrinkled person, dear / poor person

Ims: Leftover food, e.g. from lunch, which is enough for the evening
Itzig: a person you don't understand, who behaves differently (derived from the Jewish)
iwwer: about
iwwerzwersch: cross, clumsy, twisted

Jåhnshieschel: excavated hill on the mountain road, from which the fireworks at the Apple Blossom Festival used to be burned down. Named after gymnastics father Jahn.
now: now
jounern: whine, whine

Kåddel: string, string
Kaff / Käffer: small insignificant place / s
Käilstihl: Swiss chard
Käize: basket, big belly
kåmbern: to argue easily
Kammuggel: dirty name (you stupid beef kammugel = rarely stupid cattle)
Kånnel: gutter
Kånte: larger piece of bread, for example
Kär: notch; Kirchweih, MZ von Korb
Karelle: chain (neck carelle)
Kärsch: Church
Karwe: Firsch Karpfen, Gasthaus “Zum Karpfen”
Cheese: cherry
Kåscht: hoe with two tines for making potatoes
KATO: Abbreviation for the former carnival department of the Obernburg gymnastics club
kätzegråd naus: address something directly
kätzegråd: straight as a pin; the food tastes kätzegråd = like nothing at all
Kaude: shallow pit, Låhmekaude (parcel)
Kåule: Coal
kawele: tossing and rolling back and forth
Kazelder: Katzental, way before OVGO up to the Mittlere Höhenweg
Keesfiss: sweaty feet
Kerschhouf: church / cemetery
keschele: bowling
kibbe: tilt
klå: ​​small
Kläbber: rattle device in Holy Week
Kläbberbuwe: Boys, meanwhile also girls, who pull through the streets with their rattles on the cartoons.
kläbbern: rattle with the Kläbber
Kläibsche: small pipe for smoking
Kläiskopp: someone with a very fat head
kläwe: glue
Clicker water: non-carbonated mineral water
klobbe: knock
Klous, Kläis: Dumplings, Dumplings (MZ)
Klouwe: large pipe for smoking or cock for fastening
Klumbadsch: old stuff (contemptuous)
knaggse: crack
Knårrn: thick, hard piece of wood, transferred head
Knårrnkobb: man with a thick skull
Knauge: nod
Knäzjie: Part or end of bread, also hard head
Knebb: buttons
Knebbsche: button
Knobb: button
Knobbe: bud, spray attachment for watering can
Knoddel: knot, little guy (klåner knoddel)
knoddele: knot, fiddle
Knodderdibbe or Knodderer: Nagger
nodding: grumbling to yourself, nagging
knuffe: poke, pinch
Kolder: Cover
kommod: pleasant
Korona: gånz Korona: When the whole corona approached, it usually meant the dear relatives,
Corona: Group of people who do something together
puke: cough heavily, vomit
Krabbel: donut
Krak: crow
Kråm: de Kråm hewwe: Have your period
Kratzbäschde: contentious woman
Krautståmber: legs that are not suitable for mini skirts
Kreensche: Kränchen = small tap e.g. at the cider barrel
screech, screech: scream, talk very loud, screamed
Krenk: the Krenk hewwe = to be sick
Krigge: crutch, poorly playing player
Krischer: Screamers, screamers
kritzegrie: Increase in green
Krobbe / Crab: Pot / Pots
Krott: naughty child; also good-natured: goldisch Krott
Krotze: Remnants of eaten fruit with a core
krozisch gäin: go bad
Krumbel: Noise, argument
lumpy: crumple, wrinkle
wrinkled: wrinkled
Krumbirn: potato
Kruusch: worthless stuff
Kuhflatscher: cow dung
cum: come, come
Worry: cucumber, also (big) nose
kutsche, higekutscht: crouch down
Kwadudder: small, lively, capable guy (small but powerful)

Laab: loaf of bread, leaves
Laabsche: small loaf of bread
Laader: Head
Laaderwåche: ladder cart
Labbeduddel: tassel
läbsch: lukewarm, half-hearted
Ladwerscher: Plum jam
läfisch: in heat, a dog is in heat
Låhme: clay
Låhmekaude: parcel
Lait: People, lie, ring the bell
Laitschenzel: Someone who wants people to think well of him, but who doesn't achieve it
Lameng: from the wrist, light (derived from the French la main = the hand)
Läib: Lion as an animal
låime: glue
Lång Håndduch: Long towel, former country road, now B469 from Obernburg to Stockstadt
Läiwe: former inn “Zum Löwen”
lässe: read
lauder: pure, nothing else: from lauder fear, from lauder shit
Läwwer: Liver
livelier: drink slowly, slowly surrender (livelier)
legge: pour
lean: borrow
lendelåhm: someone is lame = stiff
lately: recently
eyelid: not stable
Liesch: reed leaves, formerly used by the cooper to seal barrels (between staves or staves and
Bottom / lid)
Liesche: Lie, couch
Liescheås: Lies, liars
liewe Grott: Endearing word, dear girl, comes from dear toad.
ligg: loose, e.g. cake
Linksdådsch: left-handed, clumsy person
lens, gelinsd: secretly take a look, look at the cards
Lulatsch: tall person (long Lulatsch)
Lumb am Schdegge: Lumbe in the sense of rags = rags)
danced like a tusk on the Schdegge = When cleaning you leave the rag
dance around, he is violently fumbled around on the stick.
lunze, gelunzed: sleep quietly, slumber lightly, secretly watched
luurn, geluurt: lurk

Må: Main
Mabsch: Slush
do you åb: get out, get away
Madde: Quark
mä: man, we (know mä ofånge? = can we start? Mä säischt = they say)
mägg: cheeky
Mähl: flour
Mählbabb: flour paste
måhle: to grind (flour)
Corn: mice / corn fruit
mäischd: would like
mäe: like
Maisje: Little mouse
Måkuh: Main cow, name for chain tugs on the Main
Måmme: heavy weight woman / mother (mords Måmme = increase)
måmschisch: soft
Månne: basket
månsche, gemånschd: eat, eat inappropriately, mix
Massik: big head
Matzel: dried eye fluid
måtz: big
Maulaff: a swear word that can be used in many ways
Messersches: Game in which land could be won / lost by throwing knives on a playing field.
Miel: Mill
mim: with someone (I am mim Schorsch üwwer the brig)
Mimling: Place Mömlingen or the Mömling river
minånner: together
me: we; I live in Ombårsch = we live in Obernburg.
mobse, mobbed: steal
mohle: paint (picture)
Molbres: mole
Molbreshaufe: molehills
Moores: Respect, be afraid
Muck: Mother sow
Mumbel: mouth full, a lot that just fills a mouth
Mutze: unfriendly, moody mostly male person
dirty: unfriendly, moody (also girls)

nah !: Not true; Prompt for an answer at the end of a sentence
Naaz: Ignaz
nåb: down
nåbgflatscht: fell down very quickly
nåbzus: downwards
nåchbäzze: groan
Nache: boat, fishing gear
naggisch: naked
nailisch: recently
närschens: nowhere
nasche: nibble
Näschgosche: someone who likes to nibble
nauszus: out, out
Näwwel: Fog
Näwedro: next to it
Näwenaus gäin: cheating
Näwenånner: next to each other
Näwenoi: Näwenoi drive = drive in sideways
Näwerim: around next to it
nexe, genexsd: tease
Nidderfeld: Parcel between Römerstraße, Berufsschulstraße and Tiefes Tal towards Möbel Spilger
niddemol: not even
niwwergflatscht: cut over
noggele: move something back and forth to loosen it, e.g. a tooth
noi: in
noizus: in, inward
nuff: up
nuffzus: upwards
nunnerzus: downwards

o: on; e.g. Wås håt sen o? What did you wear (put on)?
ogauze: at barking at, scolding
Ohmed: Heumad
ohnohme: to name, to abuse
oi: a; oikafe = to shop
oigebildes Gschdeck: conceited woman
oigedusselt: fell asleep
Oigemåchtes: preserved (fruit)
oignauge: doze off, fall asleep
oihengele: hook arms
oimehrn: make the sourdough
oisaafe: lather, even involuntarily rub someone with snow
Okrå: farmland
Olwel: rough guy who can often be uncomfortable too
Olwelisch: awkward
Ombårsch: Obernburg
oobennele: Get in touch with a girl, hook up
oogezoche: dressed
onome: to name, to abuse
orånze: hitting someone roughly, insulting them, scolding them
OVGO: Abbreviation for Obernburg fruit processing cooperative
owwe: above
owwedriwwer: above above = above
owwedrowwe: above above = above
owwedro: on top
owwedruff: on top of that
owwerim: around the top
Ox: ox
Oxe: Gasthaus “Zum Ochsen”
Oxeaach: Fried egg
Oxestall: Ochsenstall, former building on Oberen Wallstraße (later Buntsteinbogen house), in which the urban ox, to which the farmers brought their cows, was kept.

Päädsche: small path
Pådje: porter
Päschling: Peach
Passeng: pool, water tank
pätze: tweak, betray someone
Peddä: Godfather
Peifedeckl: Answer roughly: nothing can be done = nothing's done
peep: poke, scratch, poke around in food
Piebsgeigel: Arguing
piense: cry
Piensgosche: someone who likes to cry
Piensje: tearful child
Pitsche: puddle
places: cry
Pläätzmaul: Someone who cries all the time
Pladde: Flat tire on a tire
Plådz: larger rectangular sheet cake (Riwwel, Quetsche, Maddeplådz)
Plåume: Plum home
Pläumerwäsch: Pflaumheimer Weg
plodsche: smoking
Polgaånge: unshaven hair that falls on the neck
possiern: flirt with someone, love someone
prazzele: patter
priedschele: playing with water
proffe: grafting, refining
Puhl: Manure
Puhlschebber: Creator with whom the liquid manure was removed from the cesspool

chatter: Noise when you pull boots out of mud
Quadutterer: small child
quårgse: burp, belching
Source hole: rear part
Squeeze: plum
quiddegäl: quince yellow, intense yellow

Raaf: tires (not car tires)
Raafsches: playing with hoops, driving hoops with a stick or hand or jumping through them
råb: down, down
rabble-rousing: very thin, extremely thin
Rabbelsche: urination of a young child
råbgeprazzelt: pattered down
råbrobbe: tear down
rack: immediately, suddenly, firmly
Raffel: teeth
Räi: deer (pronounce ai separately)
Rånge: larger piece of e.g. bread
Raehe: rain
rasping: raining
Ratz: Polecat in the hunter's language
Ratze: sleep tight, snoring
out: out, out seal = tear out, pull out
out seal: tear out
Reff: scythe; also old Reff = abolished woman
Regatt: (to have) respect
Reitschul: Children's carousel with horses
rim: around
rimfladsche: spanked
Rimgezacker: Back and forth
Ringlo: Reineclaude
ritzeroud: completely red, bright red
Riwwel: Streusel
Riwwelasch: restless person who cannot sit still.
riwwele: rub, rub dry
Riwwelplådz: crumble cake
Riwwelsubbe: soup with small dough balls
seal: tear, tear off
Rohne: fold, Schbeckrohne = bacon fold
roi: in
Rothaus: town hall, not red house
Snotfohne: handkerchief
Rotzleffel: naughty person
Rotznåse: Snotty nose, cheeky girl
ruff: up
rundischrim: all around
runner-gflatscht: fell down, the rain fell hard, hit someone
rudzdibutz: in no time

Saafe: Soap
saasche: vulgar for watering
Sackduch: handkerchief
Sagramåcht: Slight curse
Sai: sows, pigs
Saischdall: pigsty
Saischen: Piggy
schäbb: crooked, crooked
sällesmohl: that time
Schaiern: barn
Schåle: bowl, larger coffee cup
embarrassed: scratched, externally injured
Schåndarm: gendarme, policeman
Schåude: elderly gentleman in love
schåufel: mean, link, unfair
Schäzz: Apron, joke
schbachtele: pull hard while eating
Schbeis: Mortar
schbeitze: spit
Schbekule trip: glasses
Schbreisel: thin pieces of wood for lighting a fire
Brutally klobbe: cut open, lie
Chisel: someone who makes sayings.
Schbrischklobber: someone who knocks slogans, cuts open
Schdå: stone
Schdägge: stick
schdägggesteif: stiff as a stick
schdäin: stand
Schdåmbes: mashed potatoes
Schdando: ball game in which the ball was thrown against the wall
Schdånernkreiz: Stone cross, group of crosses on the Miltenberger Straße cycle path towards Eisenbach.
Schdåtzel: stubble, tree stump
Schdiehl: Style, chairs
Schdorax: man who can hardly be surpassed in stubbornness
Schdrimb: Stockings
schdrimbisch: on socks without shoes
Schdumber: push (to dump someone = to push)
Schdummel: little sack
Schdump: tool similar to a sickle
Schduutzkebbsche: playful bumping of the forehead with small children
Schebbe: shovel
Scheese: stroller, old car
Scheierdrescher: Eat like a Sch ... = are very hungry, consume a lot, like someone who used to
Threshing has worked hard all day and hits hard at the end of the day.
Shear: barn
Schelleklobbe: ring the bell at strange doors and run away
Schelsch: bulbous boat, for shoveling sand, cutting a pipe
schenne: rant
Schiewer: Drawer
schinånt: shy
schiniern: ashamed
Schinkeklobbe: child's play
Schinnos: naughty child
Schinnpladde: cut off, reduced area on the body
To be scared: to be scared
Schisser: Scaredy
sleepy: grinding something heavy
Schlabbe: comfortable slippers
Schlabbergosche: someone who can't eat right and drools.
slobber: spill, sully while eating
Schlabbgosche: someone who can't keep his mouth shut.
Schlabbmaul: good, quick-witted mouth, big speaker
Schlåchråum: Small wood in the forest
slouch: slide, e.g. over ice sheets
Schlawidsche: grab the Schlawidschen = grab the collar
Schlawagg: his principle in life is: cheek wins
Schlibsche: bow; Term for a frivolous person
Schliehde: sledge
Schliffer: wood splinters that got under the skin
Schlikser: Hiccups
Schloddefaß: vessel for whetstone
Schlood: Fireplace, reckless person
Castle fakers: chimney sweeps
schloofe: sleep
Schloofozuch: pajamas
Schlubb: Loop
Schludde: stems and leaves of an onion
schlumbe: slouch
Schmaase: blowfly
tastes like Asch and Friedrich: tastes worse than bad
Schmigge: piece of normal string that was tied to the leather cord of the whip to make it pop
Schmuslabbes: someone who likes to cuddle
schnabbe: limp, grab it quickly
Schnäbbsche: chair edge in the expression: uffem Schnäbbsche sit
Schnädärädäd: woman who talks all the time
Schnårres: Mustache
go schnårrn: run away without permission
Schneegel: Picky person who e.g. does not eat everything.
snowy: picky about food
schnegge: snap
Schnelzje: Slingshot
Schnetz: Cast out the fishing rod
Schnibbel: snippets; Schnibbel sausage = small piece, end piece
Schnigger: dance
schnorrn gäin: run away without permission, go away
Schnuddel: tail of the sausage
schnuddele: flawed, working superficially
sniffle: sniff
Schnulle: pull up your nose
Schnuude: Mouth twisted
Schobbe: pint
schogge: Throwing the ball
schoggele: swing
Schoggelgaul: rocking horse
Plaice: Field plaice, fish, spritzer
Schoorn, schoorn: Spade, dig up
Schrache: Schrachen = table companion with slats instead of the table top; was e.g. when scraping the
used scalded pigs.
Schreeläfer: Someone who appears crooked runs
schreiwe: write
shriveled: wrinkled, wrinkled, dried up
Schtaschen: stairs, stairs
Schtraad: village of Streit
Schtråu: straw
schtribbse, geschtribbsd: stalk, inconspicuously bring to oneself
Swath: swath, steam, haze
Schwåde: someone has a good rind = a good mouth, also rind, also wooden board
Schwähn: boils, ulcers
Swallow: swallow
Schwaz Elf: Former Elferrat of the Kolping Family
Schwazväädel: Black Quarter in Obernburg's old town, formerly burned down
Threshold: thick head
Schwemm: sponges / mushrooms; I'm going into the flood
Seggel: pocket in trousers and clothes, rascal in appreciation
Seier: Sieve
sell: that
sellemåls: then
Sermon: uninteresting talk, possibly comes from the French, where sermon means sermon.
Silwern Nixje unn e goldisch Waddeweilsche: (Wait a while) as an answer for children who are curious to see what, for example, the Christ Child will bring.
Simbel: Depp, someone who is difficult to understand
speize: spit
Spiddel: wedge-shaped insert in clothing for expansion (e.g. in pants)
Spund klåner: little guy
Staasch: Climb uphill, uphill road. The Staasch is the road between Mömlingen and Pflaumheim.
Season: stairs
staiwern: support from fully hanging trees
stegge, gschtogge: stuck, stuck, e.g. in bed steggd
Stenner: Steinguttonne for canning sauerkraut or beans or a barrel that was made from larch wood by the cooper for larger needs.
Stiggel: support rod
stobbe: plug (hole)
Stobbe: stopper, cork, little person
stobbele: collecting apples or potatoes, for example, that the farmers left on the meadows and fields during the harvest. For example, the children sold the stobbled apples to earn pocket money.
Stumbe: cigar
suggelle: suck, suck
Suhle: filthy man, bastard
Sun: Sonne, former inn “Zur Sonne”, today Kreissparkasse
sunst: otherwise
suzzele: suck it up

Toowias: Tobias
Tråcht Prischel: beating, pick
tralaatsche: gossip
Trånfunsel: super boring person
gossip: raining
Trauwe: Traube, former inn "Zur Traube", today Römerhof
Trißbachsbrinnsche: source just after the border to Großwallstadt next to the B469 (parking lot)
Trottwa: Sidewalk
defy: defy
Tusnelda: strangely dressed woman

uff the Brädsel: on the head
uffåmol: all of a sudden
uffgedaggeld: rigged up, nicely dressed up
uffgschunne: wounded
unne: below
unne dro: at the bottom
unne drunne: at the very bottom
unne drunner: underneath
unnenaus: down below
nunnenoi: down into it
unnerim: down around
unnerm: under the
unnern: lower
Unnern Gass: Untere Gass
uuze: tease, joke, scoff

väbatscht: betrayed
väbelze: spanked
väbollerd: disturbed
väbumbe: spanked
vädåchdeld: spanked
vädadderd: puzzled
Väddel Oans: A quarter past twelve
Väddel: (1/4, Schwazzväddel = Black Quarter)
vadengelt: beat up
vädruxd, rimgedruxd: not straightforward, shy
väduwaggelt: spanked
väflatscht: spanked
vähaache: spanked
väklebern: stir, e.g. egg to scrambled egg
väkrotzt: defaced
väkrumbeld: wrinkled, wrinkled
väkrumbele: crumple
vämoutschd: muddy
vonånner: apart
väriwwele: grind, make Riwwel
värobbe: tear, tear
väschlumbd: relocated
väschlabbt: relocated
väschwåde: beat up
västeggele: hide
Västeggelsches: playing hide and seek
väwåmsche: spanked
väwixe: spanked
väwuschele: messing up the hair
väzowweld: messed up
väzwazzele: to despair, to die of fear
completely: completely

Waas: wheat
waasch: soft
Wääschschisser: Eye inflammation, stye
Wädd: Wörth, host too
wädder: against / against e.g. against the wall
wägbuzze: eat up to the last rest
wågen, gewågt: similar to vomiting, food comes up (gagging)
Wällschen: Bundle of sticks. The thin branches and twigs produced when cutting trees were brought to the same length
and tied into handy bundles. This wood was then used, for example, to close the washing kettle on the wash day
stir up.
Wällsderwald: Großwallstädter Wald starting above Möbel Spilger
Wälscherholz: rolling pin
wälschern: rolling out dough
Wåmbe: Belly, paunch
Wåmmes: jacket, doublet
wåmsche: beat up
Wårm: worm
Warmer: worms, warmer
Warm-up: little pint, little guy
warm: worm infested, poorly preserved
Wås dedsden gän esse: dedsde: would you: What would you like to eat?
Wåschd: sausage
Wåschdeweck: sausage rolls
Laundry: Savoy cabbage or head (someone has a big laundry)
washing: because of that
wåschtegal: it doesn't matter
Wassäsibbsche: water soup, arises when you throw a stone flat over the water and it pops up several times
Water: grass, meadow
Wasserpådde: water gate, passage through the city wall to the Mühlbach and Main
Wasserstå = sink
wäwwärn: be restless
Wåzelbäschde: scrubbing brush e.g. on the hair
Wåzler: Wurzler, someone, e.g. in handball or soccer, who does not give up the ball and tries (often selfishly) to root his way through.
Wäzzbärre: tufts of particularly effective medicinal herbs that are consecrated on the feast of the Assumption of Mary on August 15th and are hung up in the houses to protect them from lightning and fire.
wemmä: if we
Wesch: laundry
Laundry room: laundry room, separate room, previously mostly in an outbuilding where the laundry kettle was located
wetze: run fast, sharpen
Wetzstå: Whetstone for sharpening knives, scythes and sickles
wief: lively, lively
wigge: move back and forth, lift to measure weight
winnelwaasch: diaper-soft
winnish: someone is standing next to you, is not in a good mood
Woi: wine
Growth: week
wuppdisch: lightning fast
Pig: pig, dirty person

hesitating, hesitating: plowing, struggling
Gäije: Toe
toe: tough
Toe: teeth
Zischelhidde: brick hut, former farm on Miltenberger Straße
Zoddel: unkempt hair
Zoh: Tooth
Angergickel: angry person
Zornickel: angry person
zowwele: plucking, e.g. pulling the hair
zsåmmegelebberd: brought together from many small things
Zudde: spout on jug
Cover: upper bed
zugezooche: moved in
Zwaa comma ebbes: about two point x (imprecise, something)
zwatzelisch: restless, nervous
splatter, splinter, splinter: wait nervously, despair
Zwiggel: clothes peg; wedge-shaped insert in clothing for expansion
Zwoggel: little guy

Heinz Janson