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Does the color of my teeth have anything to do with the health of my teeth?

No. The color of the teeth is not a guide to the health of the teeth. However, good dental health is associated with white teeth.

FAQs aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry offers a multitude of possibilities to get the most out of your smile. Most patients often ask themselves many questions before each treatment. We are happy to answer some of them in advance on the following page. Such as general questions about aesthetic dentistry or questions about special treatment methods for teeth and gums. However, we can only find out which treatment is the most successful in your case in an individual consultation with you.

Aesthetic dentistry includes all treatments that make the teeth and gums more beautiful from an aesthetic point of view. This is of great importance in the anterior region. Teeth can therefore be whitened (by means of bleaching or a veneer) and the gums can be adjusted if they are too little or too little visible.

Before dental aesthetics, dental health is much more important. But beautiful teeth usually give people more security. The teeth underline many facial expressions and are visible when speaking, which is why the mouth region plays a central role in everyday life and especially in communication.
Some studies have shown that people with beautiful teeth smile more often than those with unsightly teeth. This proves that modern dental aesthetics promote self-confidence and personal appearance.

The areas of treatment range from simple, quick methods to complex maxillofacial surgery. The most popular treatments are:

  • Removal of discolouration / lamination: professional tooth cleaning, whitening & veneers
  • Straightening teeth: orthodontics with braces, aligners / aligners
  • Replacing missing teeth: dentures with crowns, bridges or invasive interventions such as dental implants - veneers such as veneers & lumineers - concealing tooth defects

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