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Sell ​​916 old gold - ideally with GOLD.DE, Germany's leading comparison portal for gold. Here top purchase prices!

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Frequently asked questions

What do I get for 1g of 916 gold?
For 1 gram of 916 gold you can get up to EUR 44.43

This is currently the best dealer purchase price of all gold online buyers listed in GOLD.DE.

The dealers' purchase prices must not be confused with the spot price for gold. This is the name given to the current price at which gold is traded on the world's stock exchanges. This is set in dollars per troy ounce and applies to pure gold.

Knowing this spot price is helpful because it has a significant impact on the dealers' buying prices. To answer the question What does 1 gram of 916 gold cost, only the gold price has to be converted accordingly (gold spot price x 0.916). The actual purchase prices for 916 gold are usually below this converted spot price, since dealers also have to calculate their business.

In addition, a look at the gold price chart shows the previous price development. If the gold price is high on the world market, you generally get more money when selling 333 old gold, and vice versa.

The spot price for gold: what influences it, how it is created

Ideally with GOLD.DE, Germany's largest specialist portal for gold and precious metals! Here you can directly compare prices from established gold buyers and precious metal traders.

Usually gold with a fineness of 916/1000 can be found in investment coins, such as the "Krugerrand" from South Africa and its predecessor "Rand". The "American Gold Eagle", the "Sovereign", and old Britannia gold coins up to 2012 also have a fineness of around 916.7. If these coins are in good condition (= "bankable"), the precious metal dealers from the GOLD.DE price comparison are recommended to buy them:

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Heavily worn 916 gold coins that are no longer salable and have no historical value are considered old gold.

916 gold jewelry is very rare in Germany. If you still have such a piece, it can be sold to any old gold buyer. All you have to do is weigh your 916 gold piece with a fine scale, and then enter the weight into the calculator above. Then you will immediately find out the current purchase prices for 916 gold.

If you don't want to sell 916 gold online, the GOLD.DE purchase directory with a postcode region search for shops can help. It is the size of its kind and is considered an industry reference:

To the GOLD.DE gold purchase directory with postcode search
Guide: Sell gold online - this is how it works

In principle, old gold can also be sold at refineries, but there are sometimes minimum limits for acceptance:


How many carats is 916 gold?
916 gold = 22 carat gold

The specification in carat is an older, but still common term that provides information about the percentage of pure gold by weight in gold jewelry. Today it is common to indicate the weight in parts by the thousand (916/1000). Information about this is provided by the hallmark, a small stamp on an inconspicuous part of the piece of jewelery.

The only difference to the specification in 1000ths is that in the case of carats, the weight is measured after 24ths. 916 gold corresponds to 22 carats.

Fineness and carat - explained in detail

Sell ​​916 gold

The gold content is very high in 916 alloys. The sale is therefore always worthwhile. The specification 916 means that the pure gold content is 916 per mille of the total weight. A 916 gold piece of jewelery or a 916 gold coin with a weight of 10 grams therefore consists of over 9 grams of gold. That is almost the same as the total weight. Expressed as a percentage, this would be 91.6%; however, it is not customary to give a percentage for precious metals.

In the case of jewelry in particular, the foreign components can also be of value, for example if platinum is still contained in the alloy. Every serious buyer should also consider valuable gemstones separately when determining their value. 916 gold jewelry is very rare in Germany.

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