When is it justified to be anonymous on Quora?


His "be nice, respectful" policy is good in theory. However, since they are not police from humans, it is vulnerable to malicious trolls. Despite your best efforts, the site has trolls and bullies galore. They're more subtle than those from Facebook and other social media sites, but that makes them irritating. If someone takes against your point of view however sincerely, they can stalk you unmercifully, marking you for the most anodyne responses. EG I responded to a question on whether Harley-Davidsons were more reliable than Japanese motorcycles. Well, even H-D owners don't argue, but my "stalker", excited by a comment I made on a political issue, decided to flag every comment I ever made about engine cycles. This got boring so I de-activated my acccount. Some things are not worth doing.

I used to love quorums until their BnBr policy was used by liberal, left-wing trolls who shut down other people in the name of free speech. Oh the irony! Oh yeah. That's how it is. Now I'm going to build a quorum alternative and send out all the invites the RWs I know. Good luck, keep your RW happy pushing quorums once they find my much better alternative where freedom of expression is really free.

For years I have only had answers to quora questions that were technical in nature and related to my career. Then with all of the recent US policies, I started answering and commenting on US policy questions and answers. And that's when the leftist tactic of my responses and comments is that they simply disagree - and while quorums occationally agree with my appeal, they mostly agree with the left, even if I'm not really in injury - it would be , Conservative views expressed a violation of their sensitivities, left by their own words is exactly what is happening. The left, which includes the most on quorums (based in San Francisco), appears to support left-wing responses and contributions and not hide their bias in trying to silence conservative views when they don't label them "be nice and respectful." can. What do you expect from a group of people who redefine existing words and double down when peaking through their blatant, unhidden desire to reward ideological war on the right - it's war they believe, and all acts because of it are justified, even suppressed language they disagree with. Stick to quorums from controversial areas and you will be fine. When there is anything related to US politics you always have an uphill battle on quorums if you are a conservative one.