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Psychology: Recognizing bad people: 10 signs that a person is consciously trying to harm you

It's hard to imagine, yet it's true: There are many bad people out there who enjoy hurting other people. Narcissists or sociopaths, for example, enjoy other people suffering. How to recognize bad people and how to protect yourself!


How you can recognize bad people

Malicious people who deliberately want to harm us cannot be recognized at first glance. Some come across as very charming and friendly, vying for your attention, and going to great lengths to establish an emotional connection with you.

The sneaky thing about it: This connection is not aimed at building a friendship or a loving relationship with you. A malicious person is out to harm you. And in order to do that, such a person must first connect with you. As soon as this is successful, the cruel merry-go-round of psychological injuries begins.

How you can tell that a person consciously wants to harm you:


They are trying to control you

Mental control is a powerful tool for people who want to treat others like play dolls. A very effective means of controlling other people is insecurity. If you have the feeling that a person keeps dropping deliberate remarks that make you doubt yourself, this is a clear warning sign!

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Evil people suffer from control madness

The desire for complete control doesn't stop with you. Evil people can tend to want to control absolutely everything in their life because they don't feel comfortable when everything doesn't go exactly according to their wishes and plans.
Evil people are so suspicious and cruel towards the rest of the world that they need to be absolutely certain that everything that affects them is under their own control.


You act irresponsibly

In positive relationships, it is important to be able to rely on one another. But evil people don't give a damn about responsibility. They do what they want and what serves them best. Whether you suffer from them skipping dates or not caring about something important you asked them to do, they don't care. If you complain about their irresponsible behavior, they will just laugh at you.

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Bad people often lie

Let's be honest: everyone lies now and then to make their life easier. For bad people, lying is not just a help in difficult situations in which the truth might be too painful. Lies are an elixir of life for evil people.

Evil people adjust the world as they please and tell whatever it takes to achieve what they want - regardless of whether what they are saying is actually true. Evil people lie so often that their lies can become their own truth for them. They become prisoners of their own evil thoughts and sometimes lose all sense of reality.


You feel weird around her

You surely know that you immediately feel good and comfortable in the presence of a warm person. This is because every person has a personal energy environment through which other people can feel what this person is like and what moves them.

Our intuition can sense this invisible energy field and then convey to us, for example, through a good or queasy gut feeling, whether a person wants us for good or bad. You then simply have a certain feeling without you being able to fathom it exactly.

That's why, that you spontaneously feel uncomfortable in the presence of a person who does not want other people good - even though they may not have done you any harm at all. Trust your gut feeling in moments like this! It helps you spot bad people.


You play the victim

Bad people are Master of Emotional Manipulation. It is quite possible that they play the victim and pretend that YOU have harmed them when they actually made a mistake.

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They like to do badly

"Sorry, but that red dress makes you look really fat." Bad people have Have fun making other people bad. Let it be your outfit, your hairstyle, a decoration in the house or travel plans - bad people will have something to complain about and disguise this badly: "I just wanted to help you."

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Evil people enjoy the misfortunes of others

Whether it's bad news on TV or a real calamity in real life, bad people delight in the suffering of others. This is because they can suppress and endure better all the bad that has happened to them in their own life when they see other people's suffering.

The dangerous thing is that it can be that such a disturbed person deliberately provokes the suffering of other people in order to relieve themselves.


Friends and family warn you about this person

You may not notice it very quickly, but other people around you will probably soon notice that you've acted differently since that bad person came into your life

So when friends and family warn you and ask why you are acting so differently or strangely, why you have recently been so quiet or reserved, then listen carefully and don't ignore it - it may well be that the harmful influence of an evil person already affects you in such a way that you make yourself small.  

It is also possible for people close to the person to warn you, for example by telling you about an ex-girlfriend who has run away.


It's hard to get rid of

Evil people will very likely never change. If you realize that someone around you is malicious, it is best to distance yourself from that person as soon as possible. However, you have to be prepared for the fact that it will not be easy to get rid of.

Evil people can be like boomerangs - no matter how hard you toss them, they always come back and hit back hard.

When a malicious person realizes that you want to get them out of your life, they may well be doing whatever they can to wriggle back into your life: she lies, she acts nicely, she promises to get better. It is more than unlikely that something will really change. Do not be fooled and consistently exclude bad people from your life. Life is far too short to be spoiled by people who don't mean it well with you.

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