What do you like to paint most?

Whiskey with food .... Which whiskey do you prefer to combine with .........

  • Nothing at all. Whiskey and food don't go well, I think. No matter what you eat, it spoils the whiskey taste. Spicy dishes are particularly bad.

    Possibly pretzel sticks or white bread at the tasting.
  • I haven't participated in a whiskey dinner until now, so far only drank whiskey apart from the whole ...

    That with the taste of what Roman remarked, I could also imagine ...

    Just like a cigar or other tobacco product can probably tarnish the impression of the whiskey ...
    Here's to the Lasses we've loved, my lad
    Here's to the lips we've kissed my lad!
    For kisses and lasses
    are like Whiskey in Glasses
    the last one is always the best!

    Traditional Scottish toast
  • Well, sometimes I do it like this:

    Nice piece of pork belly on the grill until it has a nice dark crust.

    Then I make myself a kind of whiskey spritzer, with plenty of water. Mostly with Dalmore or Auchentoshan.

    Find that fits very well.
  • Roman wrote:

    Whiskey and food don't go well

    But Burns Supper you already know, don't you?
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    The skills it takes to come up with a right solution are accurate
    those skills to decide when a solution is right. "
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  • Lunatic wrote:

    I love good food and good whiskeys too. But I also think that a whiskey rarely goes very well with a meal.

    This is certainly an art, Chris Pepper, for example, has mastered this art quite well. If you have the opportunity to attend one of his dinners, give it a try ... I assume that you will not go home disappointed.

    I myself also like to cook with whiskey such as pork loin in Ardbeg cream sauce

    Best regards, Axel
  • I think it's important to decide whether it's about enjoyment or rating a whiskey.
    When it comes to discovering the aromas of the whiskey or evaluating it, nothing is allowed except water. Bread / carbohydrates act like sugar on the palate and change, chocolate too. Usually the sweetness of the whiskey can no longer be properly perceived.

    But when it comes to enjoyment (and it probably works most of the time) I find that everything is allowed. At tastings I always offer bread, old cheddar + dark chocolate, but point out that if you want to learn something, you keep your hands off it, and if you want to enjoy something, you grab it. (Chocolate with sherry whiskey, cheese with smoky or sea whiskey).
    The one with Ardbeg / Laphi in chocolate mousse is also awesome! or salmon with whiskey (Hannes can be nice!).
    But if you have really noble material, every meal ensures that it tends to be more wasteful.
    But I would also like to let Chris teach me better. (It had already been tried on at Maltheads - but I tipped the sherry whiskey over the trifle ...)
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  • I also consider it "on a case-by-case basis". If I want to explore a whiskey, it is enjoyed "pure". Otherwise whiskey goes well with chocolate to my taste. There is such a variety there that you will find a chocolate for many whiskeys that will benefit the overall experience.
    Cheese goes well too. And I agree with Maltallica, especially smoky and salty ones go extremely well with hearty cheese.
    As part of a whiskey dinner I can remember the combination of Jura Superstition with (fried) salmon - delicious. The saltiness of the salmon was wonderfully underlined by the superstition .


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