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On various letters to the editor about the procurement of new fighter jets for the Swiss Army

People want peace and not war

All three letters to the editor position themselves clearly in favor of buying the fighter jets. But, with luxury fighter jets, our government is not bringing protective masks, disinfectants and protective suits into the country. One writer believes that
Supersonic flying is the right amount. But Switzerland begins in the Jura and ends in Graubünden. Another writer believes that our infrastructure, water and energy supplies, railways and telecommunications can only be protected with fighter jets. Where are the three clerks at home? Today this is done with completely different methods. And besides, what are the tasks and goals of the UN and the EU? They are looking for peace. The size
Scare tactics by the letters to the editor are the best weapon to turn people against each other. The scribes are looking for the enemy in the wrong place.
People want peace and not war.

Erwin Baur, Gunten

quote of the Day

"Our government does not bring protective masks, disinfectants and protective suits into the country with luxury fighter jets."

Erwin Baur, Gunten

On "SNB intervenes like it has not done for years"

Negative interest to the general public

When politicians smell money, they instantly have dozens of ideas on how to spend it. Fortunately, the National Bank's independence is enshrined in the constitution. From a regulatory point of view, it is unacceptable to use National Bank profits to reorganize the AHV. For years, politics has been pushing the tricky iron out because nobody has the courage to explain that there are only three options: increasing contributions, reducing benefits or increasing the retirement age. In my opinion, the last option is overdue. It would also be justifiable to use the income from negative interest to repay the corona debts. According to the motto: Extraordinary income to cover extraordinary expenses. Negative interest rates not only burden rich people, but also the AHV fund, insurance companies, holders of 3a accounts and especially the pension funds. Therefore the negative interest should flow back to the general public.

Viktor Näf, Melchau

On "The Federal Council is looking for closeness at a distance"

Wrong place, wrong time

I find the wayside protest on the occasion of the Federal Council's trip to Riggisberg to be disrespectful. The excursion by our state government - which, of course, was not on a political mission - was misused in an inappropriate way to draw attention to the asylum problem.

Ulrich Aeschbacher, Riggisberg

To "Name dispute about the Agassizhorn flares up again"

The past cannot be changed

History is understood to be aspects of the past. which have happened and cannot be reversed or changed. Renaming of supposedly racist names just because a group protests is inappropriate and incomprehensible to most Swiss people. Louis Agassiz lived at a different time when naming and honoring were common. We should take note of this time as history in order to be able to learn from it. When I stood on the summit of the Agassizhorn, the focus was on the summit experience and not the origin of the name.

Heinz Furrer, Blumenstein

On "Blocher is now insisting on his retirement pension"

If I were him, I would be ashamed

Hundreds of people stand in line to get some food because they would starve to death. Thousands of hobbyists fear for their livelihood because Parliament may not want to help them until the fall. And yet one of the richest men in Switzerland is now demanding several million francs from the taxpayers, even though he renounced them at the time due to the media. If I were him, I would be ashamed.

Klaus Gasser, Steffisburg

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