What are your rules of life

Imagine if there were no rules or appointments and memories in everyday life. Then everything would go haywire: there would be constant crashes in traffic, everyone would talk at once in class, meetings with friends would not take place and many a good resolution or plan would be quickly forgotten. So reminders and rules aren't just annoying. First of all, they are very useful in life.
But which rules make sense? Who decides wrong and right? And do our own customs and values ​​apply everywhere?

Some do: You should be friendly to your fellow human beings and help them in an emergency. You should treat animals and plants well, protect nature and the environment from unnecessary destruction. Being smart is cool, but picking your nose is undesirable. Most people in the world agree on these things. In addition, each culture maintains its own very special traditions. For example, each country judges according to its own laws. And in Africa people celebrate different festivals than the Inuit in the Arctic. The following always applies:

regulate are set up. They are intended to make life easier for the individual and for living together in a community.
Traditions develop. They strengthen the feeling of togetherness.

There are do's and don'ts in religions as well. Most came with the scriptures. For example, they tell their followers how to pray and profess their faith, how to celebrate festivals and how to treat others, what is good and right and what is bad and wrong. Some believers live by it strictly, others do not stick to it exactly. And in many respects the rules of the religions don't differ that much from one another.

Your questions about the rules of life in the religions

What if you don't forgive?
Does the consumption of boogers belong to the practice of a religion?
Why do the religions have such different rules as to how they should enter their “sacred spaces”?
Why do some people adhere strictly to the rules of their religion and others not?
Do you always have to do everything that a religion prescribes?