Indian import and export scope

Export and import of India

India's share in world exports is 1.9%, while imports make up 2.5%. The state's import volume in 2017 was $ 417 billion, while its export volume was $ 292 billion.

India mainly imports: petroleum, machinery and transportation equipment, edible vegetable oil, mineral fertilizers, some kinds of jewelry and ferrous metals. The import of services to India in 2012 was 72.8 billion US dollars. The main items of Indian import of services are business services (34.2%), transportation services (20.9%), tourist services (17.6%) and financial services (10.2%).
India exports agricultural goods, engineering products, precious stones, linen fabrics, clothing, home products, tea, spices. The export volume of software is increasing rapidly.
India's most important trading partners are the USA, the United Arab Emirates, EU countries, Russia, Japan, China, Iran and Eastern European countries.
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