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Accommodation or transport was booked online for every second holiday trip in 2018

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Vienna, 2019-09-24 - According to Statistics Austria, every second holiday trip in 2018 (49.8%) was booked entirely or at least partially (accommodation or transport) online - i.e. via the websites / apps of travel platforms and tour operators or directly via the websites / apps of accommodation or transport companies. In the case of international holiday trips, accommodation or means of transport are mostly booked online (60.0%; 2017: 57.5%), in the case of domestic holidays 39.8% (2017: 41.0%). In 2014, the share of holiday trips booked entirely or partially online was still 43.2%.

When booking accommodation, the online share is significantly higher (41.5% of holiday trips in the 2018 calendar year; 2017: 42.9%) than when booking means of transport (21.4%; 2017: 18.5%). Air travel tickets were booked online particularly frequently in 2018 (70.8% of all air travel). The ticket was bought online for more than every second train journey (56.9%), and for international train journeys the share of online bookings was even 65.7%. Tickets for bus trips were the least likely to be bought online (30.9% of bus trips).

The online booking behavior for trips also differs according to the type of accommodation: of 11.4 million holiday trips that led to a hotel in 2018, the hotel was booked online for 60.3% of trips. In contrast, of 0.5 million camping holidays, only 38.4% of the camping sites were booked online. 57.7% of stays in private (paid) accommodation were booked online, with this proportion being 76.4% for international trips and only 34.8% for domestic trips.

Vacation trips in 2018 mostly privately organized

Three quarters of holiday trips (74.1%) in 2018 were organized privately, i.e. without the support of a travel agency or tour operator. In a ten-year comparison, however, the proportion of privately booked holiday trips has declined: In 2008, 79.9% of all holiday trips were organized privately. The trips partially or fully organized via travel agencies or tour operators increased accordingly - from 20.1% to 25.9% in total.

Detailed results and further information on the travel habits of people living in Austria can be found on our website.

Information on the methodology, definitions: Statistics Austria carries out quarterly sample surveys, the aim of which is to map the national travel behavior of the population aged 15 and over living in Austria. As part of this survey, around 3,000 selected domestic residents aged 15 and over (net sample) are interviewed by telephone (CATI) every quarter. Participation in the survey is voluntary. The selection framework for the proportionally stratified sample is the Central Population Register (ZMR). The data to be collected concern vacation and business trips with at least one overnight stay as well as day trips. Data on the travel behavior of the Austrian population has been available since the reporting year 1969.
All bookings via websites or apps of travel platforms, tour operators or travel agencies as well as direct bookings via websites or apps of accommodation or transport companies are defined as online bookings. Manually typed emails do not count as online bookings.


 2014201520162017 2018
Vacation travel1 after domestic and international trips (absolute in 1,000)
foreign countries8.767,68.709,99.619,59.752,410.388,0
A total of18.340,817.907,619.683,019.600,921.058,7
Vacation trips by length of trip (absolute in 1,000)
Short vacation trips (1–3 nights)9.559,39.184,610.100,19.985,910.846,2
Main vacation trips (from 4 nights)8.781,58.722,99.582,89.615,110.212,5
A total of18.340,817.907,619.683,019.600,921.058,7
Vacation trips according to the organization of the trip (shares in%)
Organized privately74,673,074,072,374,1
Travel agency or organizer25,427,026,027,725,9
A total of100,0100,0100,0100,0100,0
Online bookings
Vacation trips (absolute in 1,000)7.924,27.976,79.274,89.643,710.484,8
Vacation trips (shares in%)43,244,547,149,249,8
Holiday trips in Germany (shares in%)35,736,239,741,039,8
Vacation trips abroad (shares in%)51,453,454,957,560,0
Short vacation trips (shares in%)40,742,445,746,948,2
Main vacation trips (shares in%)45,946,848,651,651,5
Booking transport (shares in%)16,016,917,918,521,4
Booking accommodation (shares in%)36,937,840,042,941,5
Online bookings after winter and summer half-year (shares in% of winter and summer half-year trips)
Winter half year (November to April).43,245,645,349,5
Summer half year (May to October)44,144,248,050,850,3

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