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How big is a 14 inch display? The dimensions


When looking for a new mobile device, you can not only choose between different types of laptops and notebooks, but you also have to decide on the size of your screen. Here you can find out what a 14 inch screen means to you.

These are the dimensions of a 14 inch display

A 14 inch display is a standard size, especially for smaller devices, and the dimensions below are mainly found on tablets or convertible notebooks.
  1. If you choose a 14-inch screen, the screen is 35.56 cm diagonal and 31 cm wide.
  2. With a conventional model, you can expect an average resolution of 1024 x 768 XGA.
  3. The next larger standard size for laptops and notebooks is 17 inches, giving you a screen diagonal of 43.18 cm.
  4. However, you must bear in mind that this information only refers to the pure screen area, which means that you have to add the border. On average, you should add 1.5 cm to 2.5 cm of border.
  5. If your device has a built-in front camera, you have to assume a wider border above the screen.

Buy the right equipment right away

Regardless of whether you choose a laptop or a notebook, you should definitely invest in a suitable backpack or protective cover. Because with such a device, the display is always a weak point that can ensure that repairs are pending.

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