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Never alone. Wow, what a promise: "I will never leave you and I will not let you down"

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What a promise! "I will never leave you and I will not let you down." (God in Hebrews chapter 13, verse 5) - “That is why we can confidently say,“ The Lord is by me, so I am not afraid. What can people do to me? " (Hebrews 13: 6; The New Testament; Holzgerlingen, 2002)

Belief vs. Feelings

But if we don't feel God's closeness ...? It's not about ours Feelings, it is all about ours Believe. We don't see God, we believe. We don't (necessarily always) feel God, we believe. And it happens to us according to our faith, as Jesus emphasized. Do we have to feel God + Jesus?

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Our relationship with God and Jesus is two-way. That means: We speak to God and Jesus in our prayers (and praise); God and Jesus speak to us through their word (reading the Bible is necessary). And what if you don't feel like reading the Bible?

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