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Swift Playgrounds is a revolutionary iPad app that makes learning Swift interactive and fun. You don't need any programming skills for this - it's perfect for beginners. Swift is the programming language developed by Apple that professionals use to create today's most popular apps. You learn the basics of Swift by solving various puzzles. The next step is waiting for more challenges and more advanced playgrounds designed by Apple and other leading developers.

Robots and drones are waiting for your orders.
Now you can make robots do incredible things with code you write yourself. Learn to program connectable devices like LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 and see them come to life before your eyes.

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Real Swift Code.
It's really easy. It's really fun.

Learning to code with Swift Playgrounds is incredibly fascinating. The app comes with a full set of lessons developed by Apple. Play your way through the basics with Swift Basics. You use real code to guide a character through a 3D world. And then you move on to more advanced concepts.

You can see what you are programming straight away: Write your code on the left and immediately look at the results on the right - with just one tap.

Master levels, puzzles, programming concepts.

Start with the Swift Basics lesson and solve problems with the same code that professional developers use every day. The further you go, the more advanced concepts come into play. You're constantly building on what you've learned and writing increasingly complex code.

Swift basics.

First, you will learn the important concepts you need to understand code.

  • Commands

  • Functions

  • grind

  • parameter

  • Conditional code

  • variables

  • Operators

  • Types

  • initialization

  • Bug fixing

Learn the basics.
Then face new challenges.

In addition to the built-in lessons, Swift Playgrounds comes with a collection of other challenges - and the number keeps growing. Not only do you design great things, you also improve your skills.

A large world full of playgrounds from a large community of developers.

Explore dozens of channels full of fun new challenges from leading developers and publishers. Subscribe to your favorites and get your latest works directly in the app. Now there are no longer any limits to your playgrounds.

Let your code crawl, roll or fly.

Program real robots and drones and watch your code come to life. The developers of popular robots and devices offer subscriptions with many exciting playgrounds that you can use to configure and control popular educational toys such as LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3. And that is just the beginning.

With Sphero Playgrounds you can steer the ball robot through complicated courses, jump over jumps and change its color.

With Dash Playgrounds you let the robot speak, sing and react to sensor data from its environment.

MeeBot Playgrounds guide you through the programming of the six robot servo motors of the Jimu Robot MeeBot, with which you can move it lifelike or even make it dance.

With Parrot Playgrounds, you can take your Parrot drones and iPad outside with you and program spectacular aerial maneuvers.

A new way of programming.
On the best device for learning.

Swift Playgrounds leverages the power, multi-touch capabilities, and simplicity of the iPad. Type, drag, or write text and numbers, then interact with the result of your work.

Do things right away.

Easily edit a number with the numeric keypad that appears when you tap on it.

Snippet media library.

Pull frequently used pieces of code from the Snippet library to save you typing.

Touch to edit.

Easily pull the boundary of a statement around existing code.

QuickType and programming keyboard.

With QuickType for Code, the Shortcut Bar intelligently shows you commands as you type. So you can write a line of code with a tap or two. And if typing is the best option, there is an innovative keyboard specially designed for programming. Touch a key to access multiple characters and just drag out what you want to select.

Help is just a tap away.

If you don't understand a command straight away, you can simply hold it down to bring up a menu of options. Choose the right one and you will get the answer you need.

Give your ideas a head start. With templates.

Templates make it easier for you to get started with more advanced concepts - they give you code with which you can use iPad technologies such as multi-touch interactions, the accelerometer and the gyro sensor. Get creative and use them on your projects by adding graphics, audio and more.

Experience your work in full screen mode.

While you're working on your code, the best way to test your results is on the brilliant retina display of the iPad. Press and hold the middle of the display to switch between your code and the live preview on the entire iPad display. Then use further gestures to try out which other fascinating experiences you can still create.

Share your project with one
Friend. Or the whole world.

Send your code to a friend's iPad using Mail, Messages, or AirDrop. Your friends can view it in Swift Playgrounds and even build on it by adding their own ideas. You can also post a video of your program running on the web for the whole world to see.

Export your project to Xcode.
And take it further.

Because you're working with real code, you can import and export things directly between Swift Playgrounds and Xcode. So you can try out your ideas with the tools that professionals use to develop iOS and Mac apps.

Code is universal.
That is why we teach him in many languages.

Swift Playgrounds is now available in many languages ​​including Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin American Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, and Turkish. Because we believe everyone should be able to learn programming - everywhere.