Telomerase inhibitors increase the lifespan

Herbal anti-aging product for skin aging cells

According to anti aging expert Prof. Johannes Huber there are plant-based substances that are able to stimulate telomerase and thus delay biological aging. In addition to green tea, these are barley and wheat grass, algae, tomatoes, grape seeds and shiitake mushrooms. A Swiss research group, which is concerned with the cell structures in the body, developed a product from these substances. In order to achieve an optimal result, the young plants are grown organically in selected areas at over 1500 meters above sea level. The amount of active ingredients is obtained without genetic manipulation and treated with a gentle drying process. The interaction of the active ingredient concentrates is tailored to the human day-night rhythm. They are taken in the form of tablets, the Telomer-Complex® Day and Night. During the day, the plant substances from green tea, barley and wheat grass increase the body's functional processes and activate the energy metabolism in every cell. They give more vitality and help with stress management. The active ingredients of the evening tablets are aimed at optimizing the nocturnal hormone metabolism and promoting cell division. They contain algae, grape seeds, tomatoes, wheatgrass, shiitake and marigolds. The tablets are supplemented with Q10, vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D3, K, PP, B5, B7 biotin as well as selenium, zinc and magnesium. Timeblock®, the trade name, works from within for 24 hours, activates telomerase and influences cell development. The preservation of the cell is optimized and the service life is extended accordingly. This slows down biological aging. In order to achieve this improvement in all organs, continuous use or use over a period of at least six months is required. Timeblock is available in pharmacies and selected clinics (e.g. Pyramid Clinic, Zurich).