Where did racism come from?

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The term "race"

Surely you know the word "race" from the animal world. The animal species are further subdivided into animal races. If dogs are a species, the Saint Bernard is a breed of dogs. The Saint Bernard dogs have very specific external characteristics that are inherited and that distinguish them from other dogs. The term "racism" is derived from "race".

Devaluing other people

Racism claims that certain types of people, for example white people, are better and more capable than other people. Most people with such nonsensical statements try to increase their own status and to devalue other people and peoples who are strange to them, to put them on a lower level.

Racism in the time of National Socialism

In the course of history, such stupid claims have even been proclaimed as supposed scientific doctrine. During the Nazi era, such claims served to justify the extermination of entire population groups. Racism has no place in democratic societies.

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People are disadvantaged, for example because of their skin color, their gender or their religion. That is discrimination.

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58 years ago the pastor and peaceful fighter Martin Luther King gave his famous speech.

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