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From: Philipp Jahner, Juliane Löffler

"The finger in the bottom almost always works."

This is Josefa. She is a prostitute (but she prefers to call herself a "sex worker") from Hamburg.

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Josefa was in our office and told us everything we always wanted to know about a woman who makes her living with sex. Here we go!

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1. What does a classic shift look like for you?

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Josefa: "A classic shift starts early in the morning - I get up early. Then it starts with e-mails, cleaning, Wordpress and every now and then a little birding."

2. What are the three prejudices you hear most often?

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Josefa: "So 1. That I am rich - unfortunately, sex work is not something you get rich with, forget it. It really is like that.

2. That I can't choose my guests. A lot of people have the idea that I'm doing that 'zack' and they are already at the door. It is far more difficult to get guests.

3. That sex work is dirty. But as much as I clean ... not durable! 😄 "

3. What is the biggest misunderstanding of your customers?

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Josefa: "Sorry, I don't get horny just looking at it. 😇"

4. Why did you choose to work as a prostitute?

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Josefa: "The very first time I exchanged sex for money because I was curious how it actually worked. The second time because I wanted to have more sex in my life. I stayed with it because I enjoy it and I have good money with it earn an activity that I really consider useful. - But no, I'm still not rich! 😉 "

5. Do you have a trick on how to get your customers to come quickly?

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Josefa: "The finger in the bottom almost always works."

6. What do you do when you have your days?

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Josefa: "Definitely not working on the first day, because I have other problems. And there are other things like soft tampons. You can definitely catch things with them. You push them very deep in front of the cervix and then everything is caught The man doesn't really notice anything either. Unless you tell him that, then he thinks he can feel it. "

7. Which sex technique do you enjoy most?

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Josefa: "In my job, I like foot fetishists most of all, massaging my feet and jerking it. It's so cute and so beautiful! ☺️ In private, that's not my fetish, I prefer other things."

8. How do you deal with a customer falling in love with you?

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Josefa: "Extremely uncomfortable, the situation. Lovers are not my greatest friends. If I hear that, the guest simply won't get an appointment."

9. Have you ever been scared?

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Josefa: "In fact, I have never been afraid in sex work. A few times, however, when I ran home from my date at night."

10. What do you find most stressful about your job?

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Josefa: "The most stressful thing is actually the phone. I have a lot of phone service. Sometimes I love my phone and sometimes I hate it too. Simply because stupid idiots call too. But thank God they call, then they are not in front of the door."

11. Do you do things that make you disgusted?

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Josefa: "Yes, my cleaning rag is really pretty gross."

12. Who are the better customers: men or women?

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Josefa: "Well, there are stupid men and stupid women. I'll say: Neither?"

13. What does your partner say about your work?

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Josefa: "He's happy that he doesn't have to have all the sex with me."

14. What is the best thing a customer has ever said to you?

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Josefa: "The best thing a customer can give me, he cannot say. That is an appreciation and recognition that takes place on completely different levels and not through words."

15. Do you think you will ever get too old for this job?

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Josefa: "You're never too old for this job. I know colleagues who are really 70 and are still good at business. Customers get old too."

16. What is the strangest thing that has ever happened to you?

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Josefa: "I once fell out of bed with a guest. I just started working in an apartment and only had such a narrow bed at first, and it was so soft that he let himself fall on it and fell out again. - If you watch, I'm so sorry! I bought a new bed that is big. 🤣 "

You can watch the whole conversation as a video here:

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