What do the Germans eat for breakfast?

A breakfast nation: Germans like breakfast, but differently
Five types of breakfast in Germany

23.11.2017 – 06:30

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Berlin (ots)

The Germans largely agree: it doesn't work without breakfast. 86 percent state that they have breakfast regularly during the week - even if they are only on the go. This was the result of a current forsa survey on behalf of Holiday Inn Express®. However, there is less agreement on breakfast preferences. 30 percent of Germans prefer a sweet breakfast, while 27 percent prefer it hearty and savory. The most important results at a glance - and the five breakfast types that are behind them.

Breakfast - the most important meal of the day? According to a recent forsa survey on behalf of Holiday Inn Express, Germans do not want to miss out on an invigorating meal in the morning. Only 14 percent of those surveyed stated that they usually do not have breakfast at all during the week. The first meal of the day is extremely popular - even if there is hardly any time in the morning for an extensive breakfast in your own four walls: 18 percent said that they usually have breakfast on the weekdays when they are out and about or at work.

The breakfast preferences of Germans are not quite as clearly distributed. Opinions are divided on the question of "chocolate croissant or cheese sandwich". While 30 percent prefer a sweet breakfast, 27 percent prefer hearty and savory mornings.

"For the vast majority of Germans, breakfast is an integral part of the morning routine," says Mike Greenup, Vice President Brand Management Holiday Inn Express. "That's why our Express Start [TM] breakfast is included in the room price. We at Holiday Inn Express know what our guests want - that's why the offer has been put together so that there is something for every type of breakfast." The typology of the breakfasters shows how different the tastes of Germans actually are:

The sweetheart: sweet, sweet and sweet again

30 percent of Germans prefer to have a sweet breakfast and are therefore real sweethearts. For this type of breakfast, a sugar shock is part of the morning ritual. Croissant with Nutella or jam, rolls with honey, chocolate breakfast cereals, with cocoa - could it be nicer to get up?

The sunshine: hearty and savory

27 percent of Germans prefer a hearty and savory breakfast. Because the "sunshine" likes to choose, his breakfast table is set with a colorful collection of rolls, sausage and cheese. A solid basis for the day - with an extra helping of good mood.

The early bird: healthy and low in calories

The day of the early bird starts at dawn. And in running shoes. Before he takes a seat at the breakfast table, the first fitness session has already been completed. Whole grain bread with grainy cream cheese and cucumber, or maybe the homemade muesli with fresh fruits? According to the study commissioned by Holiday Inn Express, 18 percent of Germans put healthy and low-calorie foods on their plates in the morning.

The sleepyhead: coffee only

Those who are among the 14 percent who only drink coffee for breakfast in the morning are very likely to be classified as sleepyheads: Once the first cup has been emptied, the circulation slowly starts up. Two or three more cups and the day can - gradually - begin.

The whiz kid: breakfast? Which breakfast ?!

Breakfast? Unnecessary. It's best to think on an empty stomach. And when you get hungry around noon, the to-do list is halfway through. As efficient as it sounds, this morning hunger is not popular in Germany: Only six percent of those surveyed said that they preferred not to have breakfast at all.

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