How do pill bugs eat

Is that a bug?

I think I can see 5 extremities sticking out from under the shield on one side in your picture. So I think it has 10 extremities in total. A bug belonging to the class of insects should only have 6.

I'm pretty sure it's a pill bug (Fig. 1), a family of wood lice ( Armadillidiidae ) that go to Isopoda heard , an order of Crustaceans . To the Crustaceans include lobsters, crabs, and crayfish to name a few.

Fig. 1. A species of pill bug.Source: Natural History of Orange County, CA.

A bed bug is one insect and has six extremities (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2. A type of bed bug.Source: Terminix

In short, your species here is not an insect and therefore not a bed bug.

Due to the limited amount of information you have provided, particular species identification is difficult. There are lots of pill bugs out there.


Many Thanks! After looking through some pictures of the different types of pill bugs I found a match.

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Do you have a special reason to say pill bug? I find it difficult to say from the unclear picture. It is clearly a wood louse.