Why do branded items cost so much

No-name products

With our saving tips, saving money becomes child's play! Whether you want to save money at home, on vacation, at work or during your studies: our tips for saving are helpful and easy to implement. If you are wondering how you can save as much money as possible with little income, we will provide you with numerous answers. Even those who put a lot of money into a savings plan every month can still save a lot of money in everyday life with our savings tips. Did you know that you can use the envelope method or the 50-30-20 rule to keep an eye on your expenses and thus save your budget? You also get a good overview of your finances when you start to keep a budget book - here you compare your monthly income with your expenses and see at a glance where you can save more money.

Numerous savings tips are just waiting to be discovered: Have you ever thought about how much money you can save if you change your electricity provider regularly? Also check your subscriptions, mobile phone tariffs and insurance - a comparison calculator on the Internet shows you where you can find cheaper alternatives. A lot of money can also be saved when shopping: Never go shopping hungry and do without branded products as much as possible. If you want to know when which fruits and vegetables are cheap, get a free seasonal calendar from us. There are also tips for saving at home: We'll show you how you can effectively save water, electricity and heating costs. Last but not least, in our financial management section, we will tell you how you can never have difficulties dealing with money again.