Can you hate family members

15 Steps to Take When You Say "I hate my family"

Sometimes we have disagreements with our families that make us say, "I hate my family," even when we don't mean it. If that is you, do the following:

I think we can all relate to not liking our family members. And while this is perfectly normal, you also have little patience with them. As a result, you will get more arguments and disagreements than with anyone else.

Our family is also very similar to us. Often times, when you are around people who are very similar to you, you can suffer head injuries. I know it looks like it doesn't make a lot of sense, but it's very true. Whatever, you should never feel like you hate your family.

Your family really isn't that bad

Okay, now some families are probably super, super awful. However, in most cases, your family will behave no differently from the average. Most of us may think that our families are terrible when in reality they are just taking care of us.

We might even contradict them so much that we actually hate them. However, the truth is that it is very difficult to REALLY hate your family members. They just act like they do out of love for you, and they try to protect you.

What to do when you keep saying, "I hate my family"

If you really feel that you hate your family, and you find yourself saying this over and over, there are a few things you can do to change it. No, you can't just run away or cut yourself off from them forever.

But if your family is there for you and just trying to do the best they can, you can't keep thinking about them. So if you find that you say, "I hate my family" more than the average person, here is what you should do.

# 1 Solve the problem. Obviously, when you feel like you hate your family, there is a problem you are facing that is causing you to feel this way. You have to solve the problem before you can overcome this hatred. Identify what the problem is and try your best to find a solution.

# 2 Talk to them. More than likely, the problem you need to fix is ​​going to talk to your family about what is going on. Well, this can get really difficult when you're feeling really angry and upset, but all you have to do is push your way through.

Go to them and tell them how you are. Maybe they don't even know how upset you are! By getting your feelings out there, it could help resolve what is going on so that you no longer feel like you hate them.

# 3 Talk to someone else. If you're too angry to speak to your family members about what's going on, speak to your friends about it. This is also a great way to see if you are just overreacting or if you are warranted to feel hatred towards them. Your friends may also have experience with this problem and can help you with it.

# 4 Put yourself in their shoes. If you really feel that you hate your family for being unfair or for treating you in a way that upsets you, put yourself in their shoes.

What? would you do in this situation? You may realize that they have a reason to do so, and you would do the same things as they are.

# 5 Judge your own behavior. Do you play really fair Is your hatred really justified or are you acting a little immature and silly? Many of us tend to overreact to things that we find unfair or that surprise us.

Think about your actions and ask yourself if you would be amazed if someone in your situation did this. This can help you realize that your family doesn't deserve your hate and that you are just spending.

# 6 Be realistic. When faced with the problem of hating your family, you need to be realistic about it. Is it really fair for you to hate her in your current situation? Is it even realistic that everything they do should make you hate them?

# 7 Don't say it if you don't mean it. Saying that you hate your family can really cause harm hard to resolve when it really hurts your family. If you feel really, really, hatred towards your family, then something is wrong and needs to be fixed.

But if you just get mad at her and say you hate her because you don't know what else to say, stop. You don't hate your family. You are just upset.

# 8 Talk to a professional. Sometimes only professional help will help you realize that you may not hate your family. And maybe only a therapist can solve the problem your family is facing. Don't be afraid to get professional advice when it comes to your family.

# 9 Have a family counseling session. Instead of just going to a professional yourself, get the whole family going. There are times when you and your family are not at eye level and it takes a psychologist to help your family see how you are feeling, to overcome feelings of hatred.

# 10 Make a list of the great things about them. When you start to feel like you hate your family, listen to yourself and pick up a notebook. Write down 3 things about each family member that you like about them that are great. This can help allay those negative thoughts and help you realize that you don't really hate them.

# 11 Take some time for yourself. Maybe you just spend too much time with your family. Too much of anyone can lead even the nicest person to think negatively. Go for a walk, hide in your room and just be alone so you don't get sick easily.

# 12 Stay with another relative for a while. When the time comes you're unhappy, living under the same roof as your family and you can't stop saying, "I hate my family," then you should retreat to someone else's house for a while. Go and spend some time with a new relative to calm yourself down.

# 13 Reduce your stress levels. Stress can make even the most positive of people feel hatred for someone who exposes them. Make sure that you regularly do activities that will reduce your stress levels. Exercise, go for a walk in nature, listen to music, or do whatever it is that calms you down.

# 14 Write your feelings about her in a journal. A Stress-Relieving Technique That Will Help You The Most If you keep saying, "I hate my family," just write your feelings down in a notebook. Write down all your hatred and then throw it away.

Physically getting rid of these thoughts in the form of words can help clear your mind and put yourself in a positive mindset.

# 15 Wonder what you'd do without her. Imagine your life without your family. Not very good, is it? No matter how upset we get about it and how much we think we hate them, we love our family. This will make you see how much you really don't hate her, and in fact, you need her.

Everyone goes through periods in their life when they say, "I hate my family." It's normal part of life. But if you're saying this more than the average person, these are some things you can do.