Why is plagiarism considered dishonest

Plagiarism check for students

How does plagiarism detection work for students?

Using student plagiarism detectors, students will receive a detailed report of the project they scanned and uploaded to our free student plagiarism checker. You can check your work with the free student plagiarism checker before going for Copyleaks.

What are the consequences of plagiarism for students?

Educational institutions take plagiarism seriously as it compromises their academic integrity. They constantly warn their students about this. The institution may take disciplinary action based on its policies. The student may receive a failed grade for that particular assignment or session, or it may result in the student being suspended.

The academies have their misconduct committees that deal with issues such as academic dishonesty. You decide on the punishment for the student.

  1. Course and reputation failed

    The student may receive an “F” grade for work, which may result in suspension.
  2. Graduated university degree and poor knowledge

    Students will not get the knowledge they should get and fail to graduate from college.
  3. Damaged career

    Since plagiarism is a serious problem, it becomes difficult for a student to get to another college or university. Hence, one plagiarism allegation can damage the entire career of the student.
  4. Suspension or discharge from college

    Repeated plagiarism charges may result in the student's imprisonment or suspension from the facility

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