What does spirituality mean to you

What is Spirituality? 6 steps for doubters and rational people

I was also one of those people who associated spirituality with something strange and alien. Those who are spiritual are often pushed straight to the Eso corner, believe in Atlantis, speak to angels and were a toadstool in their previous life.

As is so often the case in life, the things you don't know and about which you don't know are quickly subject to a bunch of prejudices and are often smiled at. But also here applies:

Mockery is the praise of the ignorant.

Let's take a few steps together that might lift the veil of weirdness a little and answer the question "What is spirituality?" A little more for you.

What is Spirituality? 6 steps for doubters and rational people

The simple meaning of spirituality

The word "spirituality" is derived from Latin and comes from a completely normal, everyday activity that you and I could not live without: breathing.

Spirit means to breathe. Spirit means spirit.

So we have taken the first step and can use the word “spirituality” without immediately thinking about shamans and mass remote healing. Let's take it as commonplace and normal.

The big picture

Spirituality means nothing else than to understand that there is a large whole that is a bit far beyond our perception and rationality.

It is the way to accept that all things, people, living beings and events are related and can be seen more as a whole.

Just like a drop of water that splashes in your face on a boat trip cannot be separated from the bigger picture, the sea.

We, you and me, are part of a bigger picture. Perhaps we even dare to say a higher order, which now and then eludes our understanding and the scientific possibilities.

Spirituality - The meaning of life

To live spiritually is to understand that there is a purpose. A sense behind all things. A meaning that you and I don't have to understand immediately or that is even closed to us forever.

But also a meaning that can open up to you, for example when your calling becomes clear to you and you can then live it.

It is not about the rational decision that everything will have its meaning in life, but simply to understand the higher order and the meaning behind it as basic assumptions.

And the more calm your life becomes, the clearer you see here.

Turning away from the ego

Defacto every spiritual worldview runs a thought: Don't take yourself so seriously. In our day and age, the ego, i.e. self-realization, individual success and the even more individual status, is a high goal that many people strive for. But the more the ego is in the foreground, the more suffering arises in you, but also in the people around you.

Carlos Castaneda writes it aptly in his book "The Teachings of Don Juan" *:

Most of our energy is wasted maintaining our importance.

Fear, failure, doubt, aggression and all other negative thoughts, feelings and actions have their origin in the fact that we take ourselves too seriously.

When we think of the big picture, turning away from the ego becomes quite easy.

Spirituality - The Present Moment

The past no longer exists, is just something that our brain has imperfectly and incompletely stored. The future has not yet happened, is just something we cobble together on the basis of imperfect and incomplete memories and the beliefs that result from them.

Turning to the spiritual life is turning to the now. Because now is the only thing we have.

Today's hamster wheel world just makes it incredibly difficult for us to be in the now, because our pear is always a few steps further. The now just doesn't happen anymore because your head is busy dealing with the past and experiencing the future.

In the now you are often just shot back and forth like a pinball.

It is not for nothing that meditation is the answer in so many spiritual teachings. The focus on the breath is not surprising either.

The breath is the miracle that happens in every moment, that keeps you and me alive and is usually just as little valued by us as the rest of the present moment.

No either-or

The world is not black and white. The world is made up of shades. No “either-or” has ever really prevailed in the long term. The world is based on an “as well as” system.

Because the true truth of life is not in a book, you do not find out in seminars and you certainly do not understand this blog article.

Truth, happiness, contentment or even worldly success emerges from the answers that are in you. And they are yours and can therefore run diametrically opposed to those of your counterpart.

Spiritual life is a way to you and at the same time a way to unity with the big picture. Worldly, dual thinking (good-bad) falls by the wayside because it loses its importance.

You see, spirituality has nothing to do with religion, nothing with esotericism, nothing with inexplicable miracles, nothing to do with larifari or shouts of Tashakka. Spirituality is a way of thinking that is more natural, more natural, and closer to you than you think.