When was your house built?

Re: when was your house built?

Contribution from Reinhold Heeg »

The core of our house dates from the late Middle Ages, so we can no longer determine that exactly. When my father bought the house and the area, the undeveloped area was replaced by a new building in the early 1960s, which still houses my parents' shop and rooms (living room / bedroom / bathroom). One of them is intended as a kitchen, but is still used today as a kind of storage room, not to say lumber room. At the end of the 60s / beginning of the 70s, the outer facade of the old part of the building, which contains the study (ground floor) and our living room (1st floor), was newly bricked. The rear part of the building was rebuilt in the early / mid-1980s. The last renovation took place almost 10 years ago to the current status. What still needs to be done would be to replace the windows in the study and living room, as they are still single-glazed.
When we remodeled today's dining room with an attached kitchen on the ground floor in the 80s, one of the bricklayers said to my father that it would have been best to tear down the old Snot and build it from scratch when he bought it in the early 60s. So you will always tinker with the old substance and it is nothing half and nothing whole. For example, the ceiling from the study to the living room is still the old beam ceiling from the primeval times of the building. But since there is a lack of space to store the furniture, etc. during the renovation, despite the large number of rooms, it will probably stay the way it is today.