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The Krusty Krab from Spongebob Squarepants cracks 10,000 supporters at LEGO Ideas

"Is there the Krusty Krab?" - "No, this is Patrick!" This and other great quotes are from the still popular animated series Spongebob SquarePants. The design for the Krusty Krab filled the 10,000 supporters at LEGO Ideas in no time at all and is now the 19th design in the 1st review phase in 2020.

The digital design is the first work by fan designer ExeSandbox, consists of 2996 parts and measures 32 x 48 cm in the base area. The Krusty Krab just needed it 43 days to fill the 10,000 supporters, making it the second fastest draft in this review phase.

Here you can have a look at the pictures of the draft:

It's almost a bit strange that the Krusty Krab was even allowed at LEGO Ideas, because in 2006 there was already an official LEGO set of the Krusty Krab. Since this design is probably not seen as an “improvement of the old set” but as an independent idea, it seems to correspond to the guidelines at LEGO Ideas.

That Spongebob SquarePants still has many fans internationally is no wonder. The license is still pretty much alive and a new movie was planned for May 2020, which has now been postponed to August 2020 for the time being due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to the repetition and the probably no longer existing license with Nickelodeon, it should be exciting whether LEGO is willing to implement the design in a real set. And the competition in the current review phase is pretty fierce. The current review phase allows further drafts until the end of April / beginning of May, but it is already pretty well filled. So far, the following ideas have cracked the 10,000 mark:

What do you think of a detailed new edition of the Krusty Krab as part of the LEGO Ideas series? And does someone own the old set from 2006? Feel free to write your thoughts on the design in our comments.