What does the publishing of books on Amazon entail

frequently asked Questions

1. How does Amazon Print-on-Demand ensure that millions of books are continuously available in stock?

Amazon offers print-on-demand services for both authors and publishers. If your title is integrated into our print-on-demand program, we can ensure that the title is always displayed as “in stock” available. This improved availability on the Amazon websites in Europe, USA and Japan can lead to additional sales, as customers are more likely to buy an immediately available book than a book that is not in stock.
For publishers, we offer the InStock Protection and Inventory Free options.
InStock Protection is used to protect against unforeseen peaks in demand for your current top stocks. We will continue to order your book as usual. Our print-on-demand service only steps in when the demand cannot be met temporarily from our inventory. It only bridges gaps in the supply chain.
The Inventory Free variant is intended for your slowly rotating books. With this option, all customer orders are served via print-on-demand. In this way, the life cycle of a title can be extended without having to worry about circulation, returns and inventory.
For authors, we recommend Kindle Direct Publishing kdp.amazon.com for self-publishing both paperback books and Kindle eBooks.

2. How much is my remuneration?

If you currently supply Amazon directly or via our Amazon Advantage program, we will apply the agreed invoice discount. This is deducted from the list price of the title. In addition, the printing costs are retained. The remaining amount will be transferred to you as compensation in accordance with the agreed terms of payment.
If you are not currently working directly with Amazon, the general conditions from our Global Member Agreement apply to you.

3. How do I know how many copies of my books Amazon is printing?

You will receive regular sales reports for all titles that you have activated in our print-on-demand program.

4. How long does it take for a title to be available and ready to print on Amazon?

The time it takes for your title to be ready for printing depends on various factors, for example the number of titles you send us. In urgent cases, please contact your account manager or our service team at [email protected]

5. How can I register for the Amazon Print-on-Demand program?

To take part in our print-on-demand program, please fill out the registration form and write to us at [email protected] We will then guide you through the further steps of registration.

6. Who can I contact if I have any questions if I am registered for the Print-on-Demand program?

You can contact our service team at [email protected] This will usually answer you within 48 hours.

7. I am an author and would like to publish my book myself. Can I use your print-on-demand service for this?

The information on this website is intended for publishers. But Amazon also offers a print-on-demand service for authors and small publishers. You can find more detailed information on this at kdp.amazon.com.

8. What is the difference between CreateSpace and Amazon Print-on-Demand?

Both authors and publishers can publish their titles on CreateSpace. For publishers, the Amazon Print-on-Demand service is probably best suited with advanced options for managing a larger number of titles. For writers, Kindle Direct Publishing is usually the best way to publish paperback books and e-books.

9. Who can I contact if my questions are not answered here?

For more information about our Amazon print-on-demand service, you can contact our print-on-demand team at [email protected] Please tell us your name, the publisher's name and the number of titles that you want to integrate into print-on-demand. In this way we can show you the best options for you.