What would happen if ISIS conquered Mecca?

Saudi Arabia in its sights: ISIS fighters want to destroy the Kaaba

They have proclaimed a caliphate and want to establish a state of God: the jihadists of the “Islamic State” (ISIS).

As the next stage of their campaign of conquest, the ISIS terrorists have announced that they will destroy the holiest site in Islam: the Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

The ISIS fighters, who proclaim public stoning as punishment for adultery, now control parts of northern and western Iraq as well as entire regions in northern and eastern Syria, the Syrian-Iraqi border.

The group is accused of murder, stoning, crucifixion and mass kidnapping, among other things. Tens of thousands of Christians have now fled ISIS.

On their brutal campaigns of conquest, they repeatedly destroy tombs, shrines and mosques, including the tomb of the prophet Jonas and the shrine of the prophet Seth.

"These people follow the impossible religious doctrine according to which they must destroy everything and kill anyone who deviates from their point of view," said Sami al-Massudi, the head of the Shiite foundation authority, explaining the brutal actions of the Sunni ISIS fighters. For them the Shiites are heretics.

ISIS damages shrines

Soon they will also invade Saudi Arabia and “grind the sanctuary”, ISIS member Abu Turab al-Mugaddasi announced in a tweet, according to the Austrian Kronen-Zeitung, which was deleted a little later.

For Muslims, the Kaaba is the house of God. Every Muslim should make a pilgrimage there once in their life, provided they are able to do so, and circling it counterclockwise seven times while praising Allah. Many believers also try to touch the stone holy place.

According to ISIS fighter al-Mugaddasi, this ceremony has nothing to do with his radical group's understanding of Islam. "People who go to Mecca to touch stones are not for Allah," he said. And threatened: "If Allah wants that, we will kill those who worship stones in Mecca and will destroy the Kaaba."

More than 1,700 dead in Iraq in July

Since the ISIS advance, the number of attacks in Iraq has risen sharply again.

More than 1,700 people were killed and almost 2,000 injured in attacks and fighting in July. Almost 1200 of the dead were civilians, including women and children, said the UN mission in Iraq. The actual number of victims is likely to be even higher.

The ISIS extremists had committed themselves to several attacks in the past.

The capital Baghdad was particularly hard hit by the violence. At least 17 people were killed there on Friday in a new series of attacks, as the news site al-Sumeria reported.

A car bomb had exploded in front of a restaurant in the predominantly Shiite district of Sadr City. 13 people died and 22 were injured. A total of four explosive devices went up in Baghdad.

Resistance to ISIS in Mosul

Resistance against the extremists rose in ISIS-occupied Mosul.

A new group called the "Brigade of the Mosul Revolutionaries" killed and injured dozens of terrorist group fighters in clashes, the Iraqi news website al-Sumeria reported.