Facebook's Libra crypto currency is dead on arrival

Mining is destroying the planet. Is the future at stake?

Mining wastes a ton of electricity, most of which is generated using nuclear power or burning coal. It causes a lot of pollution and power outages. [especially in poorer countries] (https://forkast.news/inner-mongolia-shut-down-crypto-mining-china–bitcoin-miners/). On the large scale of the cryptocurrency world, something needs to be done about it, and I encourage any crypto developer to abandon the concept of mining for new cryptocurrencies. There is no doubt that if it doesn't stop early enough, mining will be obsolete in the long run, either because of the cost of mining or because of environmental laws. Let's use crypto for a better tomorrow, let's stop polluting the world in the name of profits than we already are.

edit: wow, i really wanted to open a debate but seeing all the votes and negative responses only addressing the points i am making with sarcasm within 5 minutes of posting i am afraid my time and mine Efforts are wasted on this hivemind. If there are smarter people willing to discuss facts, please help.

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