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Building Muscle: Difference Between Men and Women

While some women don't want to build muscle, but rather want to look lean and defined, most men cannot build muscle fast enough!

However, there is one major difference when it comes to building muscle in women and men - testosterone!

This hormone is largely responsible for the fact that a muscle increases in mass and volume after training and thus ensures muscle growth. Because women produce more estrogen than testosterone, muscle building is very slow. Men, on the other hand, naturally have a higher testosterone level than women and can therefore build 3 times as much muscle mass as women in the same training time.

Is it then even worth going to a gym as a woman?

Definitely! Because even if women cannot build muscle mass as quickly, they instead improve the strength and definition of the muscle through strength training.

At first glance, these genetic differences between men and women look very unfair. However, since most women pursue a different training goal than men, this genetic disadvantage becomes even an advantage for women. Women would rather have a slim, firm and defined body than a bulky and muscular body.

Do women have to train differently than men?

No! Because even when women move heavy weights, they don't gain much more muscle mass. Such training is even more beneficial to define the muscles and thus ensure the lean and toned body.

Do you want to optimize your personal training plan? Or do not have a current training plan?

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