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For the linguist Luise F. Pusch the matter is clear: The German language is sexist. The pioneer of feminist language criticism has been fighting against this for many years - even if it is extremely exhausting.

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There are more and more people in the world. So what are we going to eat in the future? The “food4future” project is looking for new ideas.

In these listening texts you will learn important words and phrases that you need for a doctor's visit. For example: how do you describe pain and symptoms?
Are you looking for an apartment in Germany? Then you should use words like Cold rent, Self-disclosure and Handover protocol know. Learn and practice these here.
People give very different answers to the question: what is dangerous? Here, learn how to talk about risk and practice the new words with dialogue and listening skills.
The American wants to learn the language of her great-grandparents 'parents in Germany from her grandparents' great-grandparents and study cheaply. Hear more about their experiences.

Today almost everyone uses computers or smartphones every day. But do you know the most important words about computers, apps & Co? Test your knowledge with this listening comprehension exercise.

Cycling is one of the few sports that we have stayed in in times of no-contact. But: cycling is a little different these days than usual. Thilo Schmidt rode his bike through the fairly empty streets of Berlin for our report.

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How do the adjective declensions work? When do I use the accusative and when do I use the dative? Which preposition is the right one? With our exercises you not only improve grammar and vocabulary, but also practice spelling, prepare for specific communication situations and improve your listening and reading comprehension.

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With the cover letter, i.e. the application letter, you show that you are the right person for the job. Learn here what the most important soft skills are called and how a cover letter is structured.