German food is good

Is German cuisine better than its reputation?

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Now it's about the sausage. The star chef Nelson Müller makes the big test in the ZDF television program. How good is German cuisine and how good is our German sausage. Part 1 will be broadcast on Tuesday, February 24, 2015 at 8:15 pm on “ZDFzeit”.

“German cuisine is better than it is reputed to be,” says star chef Nelson Müller. To do this, he does the big test on the ZDF television program “ZDFzeit”. He takes a close look at everything that tastes good and is very popular and compares German and foreign food. What is easier: pizza or roulade? Which is healthier: Japanese or German food? Which goes faster: roast or doner kebab?

German cuisine or would you prefer international cuisine?

Nelson Müller also does long-term tests and laboratory tests for the ZDF television program, asks experts and tries it out himself. The test results are astounding and explain why international dishes have a poor ecological balance and why German sauces are bad culprits for health. A week later, on Tuesday, March 3, 2015, 8.15 p.m., Nelson Müller's ZDF television program is about the German sausage. And this test also promises exciting results and interesting facts.

Text / image source: ZDF / Willi Weber, author: Ulrike Rensch