What is the organizational structure of Airbnbs?

Organizational structure - indispensable for companies

Although there is actually a hierarchy in such an organizational chart, the management is not shown at the top, but in the middle of the organization. This implies the ideology that the CEO intervenes less directly in the work of his employees and instead conveyed his business visions from the inside out. Thereby exist only a few levels in middle management, So individual department heads are responsible for more employees, but the chains of command are correspondingly shorter.

Flat hierarchies are therefore increasingly applied Initiative and the individual responsibility of the employees. At the same time, they make it possible to send feedback directly to a relevant contact person instead of having to pass on his ideas up the conventional and tedious bureaucratic route. While traditional concepts provide for a relatively strong separation of semi-autonomous departments, the limits are less strict with flat hierarchies.

That allows more flexibility in the organization of work and should increase the motivation of the employees. Flat hierarchies are especially common in smaller, younger companies like Start-ups popular. If a company grows out of this stage, the tendency is to meet the increasing complexity of business activities with more departmental formation and a longer chain of command. Experience has shown that only a few such companies retain their original organizational structure; Examples include the video game developer Valve Corporation and the web hosting service GitHub, Inc.

The biggest disadvantage of a more lax hierarchical structure is that it does not appeal to all employees equally Authority to issue instructions and responsibilities are not always clear are. It can be difficult for a new employee to identify their exact place in the company at the beginning. Most organizational structures of this type have not been tried and tested for very long - so original concepts are practically always one Flight blind for you as the founder.



✔ adaptable to the circumstances of digitization and the modern working world

✔ great flexibility in design

✔ Communication and cooperation "at eye level"

✔ short chains of command

✔ more dynamic feedback culture

✔ more flexibility in the organization of work

✔ greater motivation and greater commitment among employees

✘ often cannot keep up with the increasing complexity of an organization

✘ unclear authority and areas of responsibility

✘ possible confusion among employees

✘ experimental character - lots of "trial & error"