The eyelashes grow back

Do eyelashes grow back? Helpful tips

Do eyelashes grow back? Helpful tips

Do eyelashes grow back? Here you can find everything about eyelash growth. You will also learn how eyelashes grow back faster.

Have your eyelashes fallen out or accidentally pulled them out? We have the answers to the question: Do eyelashes grow back? And get to the bottom of the matter, how you can accelerate eyelash growth and prevent eyelash loss.

Do eyelashes grow back? All eyelash facts at a glance

Of course, eyelashes grow back - just like the scalp hair and any body hair. How many eyelash hairs do we have on average? And how many eyelashes do you lose a day? You can find the answers below.

  • During the day one loses about one to three natural eyelashes. Extrapolated, that's around 21 eyelashes per week and around 100 eyelashes per month.
  • Are you wondering how many eyelashes do you have? On average, it is around the upper lash line 90-160 eyelashes, while the lower lash line is about 20-100 natural eyelashes are located.
  • Lashes on the upper lash line can up to 13 millimeters long become. The length of the eyelashes naturally varies from person to person. The lower eyelash hairs, on the other hand, can have an eyelash length of up to eight millimeters to reach.

Eyelash cycle: how do eyelashes grow back?

Like the hair on our head (by the way, here you can find out: How fast does hair grow?) And also on all other parts of the body, our natural eyelashes grow back - even if you pull out your eyelashes with the roots of your eyelashes.

How long does it take for eyelashes to grow back?

Lash growth varies - just like the number of lashes, the density of the lashes and the length - from person to person. Genetics play a major role in this. But of course there are also external factors that influence how eyelashes grow back. But first let's look at the eyelash cycle. He is in three growth phases divided and has an average of five to six months. Then everything starts all over again for each lash.

  1. The first growth phase is also known as Anagen phase designated. And lasts around 90 days at. This is where the production of your eyelashes begins and the hairs are in the active growth. You can recognize the first phase by the fact that the eyelashes still very short and fine are. It is therefore all the more important not to prevent the hairs from growing through external influences. In the first phase, therefore, at best, avoid using mascara and the like. If eyelashes fall out in the first phase of the growth cycle, the longer they need to grow back because the cycle has been interrupted.
  2. The second growth phase of the cycle, the so-called Catagen phase, the eyelashes are in an approx. 21-day transition period. This is where the eyelash hair builds up and strengthens. The eyelashes are now strong enough to be covered with mascara or covered with artificial eyelashes (e.g. as part of an eyelash extension).
  3. In the third phase, the Telogen phase, not much happens anymore. The eyelashes are fully grown and are in a kind Resting phase. For about 100 days if they stay as they are, they are gradually repelled, fall out and the lash cycle starts all over again.

Accelerate eyelash growth: How do eyelashes grow back quickly?

So much for natural eyelash growth. Are you not completely satisfied with the growth of your eyelashes? And wish you full, curved eyes? You ask yourself: How do eyelashes grow back faster? With one or the other tip and various home remedies, eyelashes grow back - and much faster than you previously thought.

  • Eyelash serum: Eyelash serums have become indispensable. They came on the market a few years ago and are very popular. Here you will find various eyelash serums in the test. And also learn: is eyelash serum dangerous? An eyelash growth serum consists of growth-promoting active ingredients and helps to accelerate eyelash growth. A distinction is made here between eyelash serum without hormones and eyelash growth serum with hormones.
  • Eyelash care: Care is the be all and end all. No matter whether you want clean skin, get rid of your frown lines or want to strengthen your connective tissue. Just as you care for your skin, you also need to care for your eyelashes to emphasize their natural beauty. We recommend nourishing burdock root oil (available here), coconut oil or castor oil (we recommend this) to apply to the upper lash line on the eyelid in the evening. This strengthens and moisturizes young eyelashes.
  • To remove makeup: Daily make-up removal is a must. Yes, it's annoying and sometimes we just want to go straight to bed - but if you go to sleep with mascara and Co., your eyelashes will break off faster than you would like.
  • Sufficient sleep: While we're on the subject of sleep. Getting enough sleep is important. Not just so that you can think clearly and be fit. Lack of sleep can not only lead to a lack of concentration, but also to hair loss.
  • Massage: A soothing eye massage not only ensures relaxation, but also accelerates eyelash growth. With a massage of the eyelids you stimulate the blood circulation and this in turn has a positive effect on the hair roots of the eyelashes.
  • Nutrition: The proverb "You are what you eat" is no accident. The way we eat can affect our skin and hair growth. Ergo: With a balanced diet rich in vitamins, eyelashes grow back. Pay particular attention to vitamins A and B as well as iron and zinc.
  • Make-up breaks: Take regular makeup breaks and only apply makeup to your eyes when it's absolutely necessary and you feel that it makes you feel better. By the way: the no-make-up movement is all the rage. The motto is back to naturalness. Our eyelashes will be happy because mascara strains the eyelashes and dries them out.
  • As Home remedies for our eyelash growth is wonderful Green tea. The contained flavonoids stimulate natural growth and give you thick eyelashes. Simply boil green tea and let it cool down. Then dip the cotton swab in the tea and use it to care for the eyelashes from root to tip. Leave on for about 15 minutes and then rinse off gently.

How can you prevent eyelashes from falling out?

If you take heed of the tips above for accelerating eyelash growth, you are actually doing a lot of things right. To ensure that your lashes can follow the natural lash cycle, this is To remove makeup a preventive measure. In addition, the daily care essential as well as regular ones Macara breaks. And: Do not use the eyelash curler - it can also strain your eyelash hair.

Do eyelashes grow back when you pull them out?

It is not uncommon for us to pull out our eyelashes while removing make-up from our eyes. Sometimes we even tear out the roots of the eyelashes. Maybe you have an eyelash extension behind you and had to leave some natural eyelashes? New eyelashes keep growing. Of course, patience is required here. It can take up to eight weeks before you can look forward to a new eyelash.

Do eyelashes grow again after chemo?

Eyelashes often fall out after chemotherapy. However, a few weeks after the end of chemotherapy, eyelash growth begins again and the normal eyelash cycle with all its growth phases levels off again.

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