Why is my sales funnel unsuccessful

This is how you understand your sales funnel correctly

Use software to create your sales funnel. Do you want to sell faster and better? With these tools you can quickly access customer data, follow up on your prospects and analyze your sales results. What should your sales funnel look like and which software do you need in every sales phase?

Don't lose sight of your leads. There are useful tools for storing and following up on contacts' information. To make your sales even faster and better, you can use software and learn from your business results.

Visualize the sales funnel

With a tool like Mindmeister you can visualize your sales process. This makes it easier for your employees to have the funnel in mind at all times and to take it into account.

Collect leads and contacts

In order to sell, you first need to find potential customers.Use marketing to generate leads online and chat with people at networking events. You can collect new contact data via web forms or subscription lists at trade fairs: If leads need more information or ask for an offer, they can give you their contact details in exchange for your concern.

At this stage, potential customers know about your offer, but do not yet see the value it can have for their company. This is your opportunity to present yourself in a good light - at least if you carefully save the contact details. You can use an online CRM such as Teamleader for this: you can enter the data manually or, even more conveniently, link your web forms to a central database. As soon as your website visitors fill out a form, their contact details are automatically transferred to your CRM.

Qualify leads

You can qualify your leads based on the data you have collected, online research and joint discussions: This is the best way to know which leads have the greatest potential and which criteria they have to meet.

So your leads have now signaled a slight interest in your offer, so why not just send them some additional ones relevant information? For this you can for example automated email campaigns use - with MailChimp or Campaign Monitor they can be set up very easily. Whether you use marketing automation or not: You have to personalize your actions. Has your lead downloaded a brochure about jewelry? Then don't send him offers for books, but arouse his interest with your knowledge of special jewelry, the manufacturing process and the respective prices.

Track and convince prospects

People want to be with real people. Value personal contact: Identify the decision-makers and follow up with individual emails, calls and meetings. By Lead management you can stay up to date on all touchpoints. With Teamleader you have an overview of all sales activities and can easily track the status of every deal.

Determine exactly when and how your sales team should work intensively on a deal. Identify the exact moment a lead (or Marketing Qualified Lead) to a prospect (or Sales Qualified Lead) becomes. Now potential customers have recognized the added value of your offer and give you feedback accordingly, e.g. B. by asking you for a quote or free advice.

All of these touchpoints with customers have an impact on their purchase decision. By now you will know whether the deal was made or not. Your main concern now is no longer to find new customers - it is now time to put your energy into customer loyalty.

You should also collect this information

Use your sales funnel to find out why, when and how your leads are converting. The Conversion rate indicates the number of prospects that move from one phase of your sales funnel to the next. You can calculate the conversion rate by asking yourself:

  • How many potential customers are qualified by our sales team? And how many of them would like to receive more information about our company?
  • How many prospects are asking for an offer? Who will then be converted into a paying customer?
You need this information to improve your sales process. Because:
  • With the help of the conversion rate, you can use your better predict expected sales.
  • You can estimate how many leads you need to meet your sales goals.
  • you will be Know better about the different phases of your funnel: what is going well and at which stages is there still room for improvement?

In the end, not every lead will become a customer. But that's no big deal as long as you investigate why. Evaluate what went wrong: Did someone react badly to a call? You can survey (lost) leads in surveys and interviews or analyze their online behavior.

If you want statistical information, you will not be able to avoid Google Analytics. Hotjar can also provide you with information on how visitors interact with your website. Let's say you use Google Analytics to find out that the conversion rate is high, but your website is not getting that many visitors. Then one possible measure could be to refine your marketing tactics to generate more leads.

What do customers really think of your company? Here you can learn about different methods with which customer satisfaction can be measured.

Use Teamleader to understand how Your leads will be converted to prospects. You can see which offers you sent out and how your prospects reacted to them. Why did you accept your offer? Or why not? In the overview you get an insight into all current deals as well as into the respective funnel stage and the reaction time of your sales team. You can make your own Sales goals and review your progress over different time periods.

For more actionable insights, Teamleader provides useful statistics that you can use to learn lessons from all of your sales results.

Key figures for measuring the success of your sales

How can you measure exactly how successful your sales funnel is? The following numbers are important:

  • The Number of deals in your funnel shows how many deals were successful.
  • Calculate that average deal volumeto estimate how much a new deal will generate. You can also use this forecast to better determine the costs of the previous sales and marketing measures.
  • Completion rate: How much do you invest to close a deal and what is your return on investment? The completion rate shows how many deals were completed or lost.
  • Sales pace: How fast do prospects run through your sales funnel? Measure the average time it takes to close a deal and estimate how many prospects in your pipeline will be converted soon.

Why don't you give Teamleader a try?

With Teamleader you have the follow-up for your entire sales funnel under control, from the lead to the customer. By saving all touchpoints with your customers in a transparent overview, you can take advantage of all sales opportunities quickly and thoroughly at the same time.