What are some examples of hypothesis questions


There are a number of topics that are so abstract or general that it is difficult to process them in a problem-oriented manner. For example, what should be problematic about food relationships in the forest?

The problem is the level of observation: when viewed from the very top (systems, general issues), there is seldom anything questionable. The teacher is supposed to only have instruction lessons: "Describe the diagram", "inform yourself about ...", ...

The problems, on the other hand, can be found in the details if you look closely: From a bird's eye view you have to go all the way down into the mud. The problem found serves as a hook, is solved as usual, the essential points become clear by the way, the abstraction / generalization can be done by students.

Example of food relationships:

1st possibility: You present a food pyramid on foil. The students explain them. Finished.

2nd possibility: Present a slide about exposure to toxins (or radioactivity or whatever accumulates in a food chain). When comparing consumers of different orders, it turns out that the concentration is very different. The students ask for reasons and formulate hypotheses.

The second option results in a food chain or the food pyramid, additional topics arise, such as the danger to humans through poison accumulation ...

Further examples of hooks in the field of food relationships: bark beetle plague, consequences of the extinction of a species (newspaper article: "Scientists warn" question: why?), ...

The possibilities that arise are endless if you just leave the bird's eye view and look for problems in the thicket.