Which American city has the most bridges?

Marvel at the 8 most famous bridges on the 5 continents

Bridges are very ancient constructions designed to overcome various geographical or other obstacles. Because of their quirk and the incredible designs we can find these days, they have become authentic symbols of the places they are in. If you love to travel around the world, you must definitely visit the most famous bridges see the world!

Which famous bridges are a must-see?

The world is too big to list all the famous bridges that people have built here. But we have put together the bridges that we think are the most interesting or beautiful. Authentic works of art not to be missed on your next trips.

Tower Bridge in London, England

Not only is it one of the most famous bridges we can find, but it has also become an authentic symbol of the city. Tower Bridge is located in London, very close to the tower from which Tower Bridge takes its name. It is a drawbridge over the River Thames, construction of which began in 1886. Because of their beauty and popularity, various films have been made about them.

Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy

Four bridges cross the Grand Canal of Venice in Italy. The oldest of them is the Rialto Bridge, which is not only popular in the city but is also one of the most famous bridges in the world. It was built in 1588 and completed three years later. The design comes from the architect Antonio da Ponteu. It consists of a single arch and two ramps that cross in the central portico. The shafts under the arches are used as shops.

Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy

In addition to Venice, Italy has one of the most famous bridges in the world in Florence, a small town of incomparable beauty. The Ponte Vecchio is the oldest stone bridge in the world and Italians can proudly claim that it is the only one that survived World War II. It is also known as the Jewelers 'Bridge, or Goldsmiths' Bridge, as this type of shop is located in the bridge houses.

Brooklyn Bridge in New York, USA

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most famous bridges in cinema; the number of films in which we have seen panoramic views from the bridge is innumerable. It is a very old suspension bridge over the East River that connects the Brooklyn neighborhood, from which its name is derived, to Manhattan Island. The construction was completed in 1883 and with a length of over 1,800 m it is the longest suspension bridge that exists today.

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, USA

On the other side of the North American country is one of the most famous bridges. It is also one of the main attractions of the city and, like the bridge mentioned above, it is one of the longest bridges in the world. It has a length of 1,280 m, which is quite remarkable when you consider that it was built in 1937.

Bay Bridge in Sydney, Australia

The Bay Bridge, better known as the Sydney Harbor Bridge, is one of the most famous bridges in Oceania, if not the most famous. Since it is a business district, the bridge is not only used by road and rail traffic, but also by bicycles and pedestrians crossed. The special thing about the bridge is not its construction, but the opera house, which is next to it. The bridge was completed in 1932 and both can now be seen on the postcards known around the world.

Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic

The city of Prague is beautiful and this beauty is ideally represented by Charles Bridge, one of the most outstanding monuments and also one of the most famous bridges. It crosses the Vltava and connects the Malá Strana district with the old town (Staré Mesto). Since construction began in 1357, it is the second oldest in the country. Along the bridge are thirty statues of famous people and saints, mostly in the baroque style.

Chain Bridge in Budapest, Hungary

The Chain Bridge is one of the most famous bridges in the world, but also the oldest in the city where it is located: Budapest. It was inaugurated on November 20, 1849 after two decades of construction over the Danube. However, after the bombing of the Second World War, it had to be rebuilt and was inaugurated again in 1949. Together with the aforementioned bridge, they are two treasures in Central Europe.

These are just some of the most famous bridges that we owe to architecture and engineers. Do you dare to look for more treasures?