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The time management community now on Discord!


I have left social media (now irrevocably). And actually I love it. Actually, because I miss the exchange with you as a community.

That's why I decided to open a new channel with Discord with which I can get in touch with my readers and listeners better and more easily.

There we can exchange ideas with each other, similar to a Facebook group, but without the annoying and time-consuming Facebook around it.

With social media we had a useful but very limited communication channel. For example, Facebook has very limited the reach of the posts and everything was not shown to every group member.

With Discord I have found a platform that gives us what we want:

- Exchange without circumcisions

- Posts sorted by topic (so you only have to read what interests you)

- Community without distractions from other groups, pages, fields, etc.

I have set up a server for us in which we can talk about all topics related to time management on various topic channels. Since the topics are arranged automatically in this way, nobody loses the overview anymore.

Also included are news channels that keep you up to date on all of my new publications.

Another special feature: Discord offers voice channels in which you can also communicate with me and other listeners via voice chat. I will tell you how we will use this function in the coming weeks.

When entering the Discord server, please note the following:

You will only get into the community if you click on this link: CLICK HERE AND JOIN DISCORD

Please create a Discord account if you don't already have one. This is the only way you can use the group long-term and without problems.

In the group there is a real name requirement. Stand by what you write with your name.

If you have any questions or problems you can simply reply to this email.

I hope to see you soon in the new Discord group!

Here is the link again (Join now for free)

Best wishes

Your Benjamin

P.S. You can also tell about the group on social media. I can't do that anymore ;-)

Benjamin Floer
I am, podcaster, theologian, minimalist, husband and dad. I help self-employed people to have more time for their families and themselves. And that without having to forego professional success. I love to be on stage and drink whiskey (not necessarily at the same time 😉)

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