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Earning money with Pinterest: Here's how it works!

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Pinterest is a new and interesting medium in the field of social networks. And just like with other social media, you can of course also earn money with Pinterest. Here's how it all works.

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  • Simply put: what is Pinterest?
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  • Make money with Pinterest
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  • This is how you get a lot of followers
  • These are the most important categories on Pinterest
  • When is the best time to pin?

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You must know that!

Simply put: what is Pinterest?

As is well known, a little background knowledge shouldn't hurt. However, if you are already up to date, you can of course skip this section. However, there are also a lot of readers who don't quite know how Pinterest works exactly and what interesting earning opportunities this web application has in store for you. That is why we would like to take up the function of Pinterest again in a nutshell for you:

Pinterest is a social network - similar to Facebook or Instagram. But of course in a very unique way:

Because Pinterest is a social network on which users can attach picture collections with descriptions to various virtual pin boards. This is where the name comes from: Pinterest.



Splitting and repinning pins

Now other users can easily share the pictures if they like them. This process is of course called "repinning" in the sense of the network. In this way, the pin is multiplied, so to speak, or shared with many other users.

Like and comment

What would a social network be if you couldn't express your personal opinion there? Of course, it is also possible to comment on the pins on Pinterest or to mark them with a “Like” - however, Pinterest also has its own name for it: Here it means “interest”. Incidentally, this is how the name of the network is derived. It is a play on words made up of “pin” and “interest”.

That's the point of Pinterest

Of course, Pinterest has a specific goal for its users. It should be made possible for them to make their own interests public - at least with other Pinterest users. You can see what interests you have on the wall. You can also look at the boards of other users. Since the end of 2012 you can of course make this pin board private.

So the idea is that you can exchange ideas with the community: for example about hobbies, interests, shopping tips or recipes.

Incredible: Pinterest had around 70 million users worldwide in July 2013. That corresponds almost to the total number of inhabitants in Germany!



That's why Pinterest is particularly good for making money

Pinterest is a channel where users are particularly active and engaged. For example, over 80 percent of all posts are re-pins, which means that the content or pins are shared. This indicates an extremely high level of user activity. This fact is particularly interesting for brands, because 70 percent of the content of brands on Pinterest is created by users - not by the brands themselves.

Make money with Pinterest

Now Pinterest is not only suitable for a nice pastime or nice useful tips and tricks, but also for making money. Pinterest is currently one of the fastest growing social media channels of all. In Germany alone, the number of users has more than doubled in recent years. Already today there are a total of almost a billion different pin board entries on the social platform.

How can you make money on Pinterest?

The first question about making money, of course, is "how?" First of all, Pinterest as a platform is incredibly interesting for anyone who wants to promote their products in some way. Because that works extremely well on Pinterest. The average value for an online shop that was visited via Pinterest is higher than for a purchase generated via Facebook or a comparable social media channel.

Higher sales opportunities: In plain language, this means that the probability that a prospect will also buy is higher if the user comes to the shop via Pinterest than via another social media portal. Not bad, right?

So you can use Pinterest successfully to make money

With these steps you have the opportunity to market your business on Pinterest and make money in this way:

Use bright colors for your pins

As is so often the case in life, the well-known saying on Pinterest: “The first impression counts.” Since Pins mostly contain graphic elements, you should make sure that you use bold colors for your Pins. This way, the pins get more meaningfulness. Pale colors should be avoided.

Then you should also know that different colors evoke different emotions in people. Orange, for example, stands out and can be used well for actions or calls. Red is a signal color that is often associated with "caution". Strong green, on the other hand, is a balanced and calming color.



Avoid being secured on the pins

Faces usually inspire confidence, but sometimes they don't do that well on Pinterest. Put the focus on what should be in focus.

Use images with little background

The same applies here: Try to avoid annoying or conspicuous backgrounds on pins that could divert attention away from the message.

Only pin high quality images

Also, remember that you should only pin high quality images. This is important because poorly resolving images are more likely to be negative than positive.

Prefer portrait format

In contrast to normal images, it is better to use a portrait format instead of a landscape format. The user's brain interacts better here if, for example, it has an aspect ratio similar to that of an A4 sheet of paper. You subconsciously automatically combine the familiar portrait format with interesting facts ...

This is how you get a lot of followers

But there is much more to it than just good pins: As on other social networks, followers are the greatest lever you can have. To get a lot of followers, you have to do a good job on Pinterest. This is essentially done in three simple steps:

Follow a lot of people

Then, as you follow other people, other people will follow you too. Of course, your pin profile must also be interesting and appealing for this.

Pin a lot

Anyone who interacts a lot draws attention to himself. Try to pin as much as possible. This way you will collect more and more followers.

Build lots of boards

The more pinboards you create, the more people you can get excited about.

These are the most important categories on Pinterest

Another useful aspect for making money: boring topics are only moderately or not at all received, especially in social networks. You should definitely keep this in mind when making money on Pinterest.

It is therefore good to know which categories are particularly popular with Pinterest users - here are the most popular categories:

  • to eat and drink
  • Do-it-yourself instructions
  • Decoration ideas and furnishings
  • Fashion for women
  • wedding

By the way, you should also note that there are huge differences between the individual target groups on Pinterest - for example for men and women.

When is the best time to pin?

Of course, there are also certain times on Pinterest at which the target groups can be reached particularly easily: For example, between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. or in the evening from 8 p.m. to around 1 a.m.

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