Is computer science applied mathematics

Applied mathematics with computer science

Applied mathematics has a lot to do with computer science. Problems from practice often lead to the desire to simulate real processes on the computer. For example, one does not like to study car accidents and financial crises on the basis of experiments. A new car is actually too good (and too expensive) even for a crash test. Mathematical models that are brought to life by a computer offer a solution. The mathematical models are often many times more accurate and cheaper than physical models and have therefore become indispensable in medicine and pharmacy, architecture and design, through to climate forecasting and space exploration. In these and many other extremely exciting fields of work and research, specialists who can skillfully combine well-founded mathematical knowledge with modern software engineering are extremely sought-after. Most bachelor's degree programs in mathematics allow computer science to be chosen as a minor. This means that in the course of your studies you have to attend subjects from the field of computer science worth around 15 to 40 ECTS. (The ECTS are a measure of the work you put into your studies as a student speaker, with a full-time study semester corresponding to exactly 30 ECTS.) There are also courses that particularly cultivate the connection between applied mathematics and computer science :

  • The bachelor's degree in Data Science & Scientific Computing will start in Munich in the winter semester 2020. The increasing digitization of our society promises enormous opportunities and potential for great progress in almost all areas and sectors - e.g. social and health care, industry, (e) trade or the financial world. Your task as a data scientist is therefore to control, skilfully filter, transform, process, analyze and evaluate huge amounts of data so that information, insights and recommendations for action can be derived from it.
  • At the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich there is a degree in Mathematical Engineering with a major in IT, Communication and Security (ITKS). In addition to a compulsory IT, communication and security program with a volume of 27 ECTS, the program also includes electives in the field of IT, communication and security with a volume of 75 ECTS.
  • At the University of W├╝rzburg you can study the Computational Mathematics bachelor's degree, which can be combined with a minor in computer science. He also has a stronger application orientation; the scope of the computer science subjects is between 32 and 50 ECTS.
  • At the University of Passau, you can deepen your knowledge of the interdisciplinary field of tension between mathematics and computer science in a master's degree in Computational Mathematics.
  • Teacher training courses for the subject combination of mathematics and computer science are also possible in Bavaria. Mathematics and computer science are equally weighted in these courses. You can find an overview of the Bavarian universities that offer these courses here.
  • For further mathematical courses with a selectable focus on information technology (IT) or IT components, see Mathematics and Technology.