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Tips & Tricks: Easier to get an S-Rank

We all know the feeling when you have worn a game for your team but only get an A + rating in the end. To prevent this from happening, here are some more or less useful pieces of advice on how to get an S.Regardless of whether you are on the hunt for the champion tokens to unlock your level 6 or 7 emote or just want a mysterious box: These tips and tricks should help you get an S - they are no guarantee and certainly not officially confirmed by Riot. These tips arose from intensive testing and experimentation in your own work.

Playing supporters as a soloist

Champions who are listed as "supporters" (primary or partly also secondary) in the League of Legends client are ideal for getting an easily earned S +, S or S-. The reason for this is that the system recognizes you as a supporter and not as a classic magician. You are more or less in the supporter's rating spectrum, but you get an improved rating due to the minions killed, the damage done, the gold collected, etc. The following champions are particularly suitable (based on personal experience): Lulu, Karma, Zilean and Morgana. These four work wonderfully as mid or top planners, but are also classified as supporters.

Abusing Wards

It is often underestimated by many players that wards are essential to achieve an S rating. So if you have problems using your Trinket regularly, you can artificially improve your Ward statistics.
You buy the Sightstone (seeing stone) and set up the 3 possible wards again and again in its base until you are needed again on the field of view. You make a losing deal of 480 gold (800 purchase price - 320 sale price), but that should only be a small hurdle for an S.
In addition, you should take a Pink Ward with you and set it up as often as possible. This can also be classified as a standard tip for the ranked, but it still improves your rating.

Die less

It sounds a bit obvious at first, but with each death it becomes harder to get a really good post-game rating. A solid KDA (kill to death ratio) should therefore be one of the top priorities and actions such as a 1-for-1 exchange in the lane are rather unfavorable for the targeted S. One to four deaths are still possible, but from then on it gets critical. It is of course still possible to get an S with five or more deaths, but it is much more difficult. You then have to be able to compensate for your aggressive style of play in other areas.

Avoid certain champion groups

This point can be used in the same breath as the previous one, because some champion groups tend to die more often than others. This category primarily includes: tanks and supporters. Assassins could also be mentioned here, but if you have a really good command of an assassin, an S can be very easy to achieve. Nonetheless, these three groups of champions tend to die more often, or more often than others. Supporters usually do not have the items and basic values ​​to always survive the team fight, tanks are in all opponents and should therefore be the first target that falls in the fight and assassins have a difficult time surviving in team fights because they have to be close to the opponent ran while they can take next to nothing. For an S you should therefore focus on other classes.

No tank Amumu? That makes him sad ... Luckily there is still APmumu.

Used ARAM and Twisted Treeline

With one of the current patches, the rating system also came to the Twisted Treeline and the Howling Abyss. The same criteria do not necessarily apply there as in the gap. Of course, certain basic requirements are still necessary, but not to the same extent. Therefore, a relatively good game in 3v3 is usually enough to win an S-. In a nutshell, the most important tips for the maps.

  • Exploit and activate arcane scouts.
  • Make the big spider alias Vilemaw / Ekelschlund (at best several times)
  • Destroy both inhibitors
  • Maintain altar control

  • KDA of 3.5 (or better)
  • Do as much damage as possible
  • Avoid excessive aggression (more death time than actual play time is very bad)

Finally, the most important thing: have fun doing it

Whether you enjoy the game or not does not affect the rating, but it does affect your own game. If you are annoyed / tilted, several small mistakes fit and you can no longer concentrate properly. You don't have to win every game or even take the game to victory on your own (these tips don't help either), but those who have fun doing it are more often rewarded with a top grade and an S.

What tips do you still know for a good rating? Write them to us in the comments.

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