Is alcohol-free in airport lounges

How to get into an airport lounge and why it is worth visiting

Both regular and irregular passengers know this: on long and stressful journeys, the crowd at the terminal can quickly become too much. For this reason, most airports have special lounges for relaxation. Read here how you can get in with any budget and what makes the quiet areas so attractive.

Living room atmosphere instead of airport chaos

Crowds, noise and hectic pace: Airports can be stressful places - especially if you fly often and have to spend a lot of time between terminals and duty-free shops. Those who like to have some peace and quiet or want to start their vacation relaxed and comfortable can use the lounges at the airport. They serve to enable the guests to have the most pleasant and carefree time possible before departure.

Modern and comfortably furnished, the lounges offer everything you need to satisfy your basic needs for relaxation, hygiene and food. Especially frequent travelers and travelers with long stays benefit from these areas. Anyone who is exposed to a lot of people and a high level of noise for a while is very grateful for a few hours of living room atmosphere instead of airport chaos. But besides peace and quiet and a cozy atmosphere, there are other advantages:

  • Seating and sometimes even sleeping facilities
  • Tables and good WiFi for working
  • Sockets for charging smartphones, laptops and more
  • Snacks and high quality meals, at best even a buffet
  • Showers to freshen up after a long journey
  • Entertainment programs such as TV, video games, magazines and books
  • sometimes even wellness areas and prayer rooms
  • Bar with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Conference rooms
  • The gym has a great view of the runway or the city

Airport lounges - oases of relaxation for everyone

Many think the airport lounges are reserved for wealthier passengers and are only accessible to first-class travelers. It is true that they often have free access to the relaxation areas. But that doesn't mean that everyone else has to stay outside. Frequent travelers as well as business travelers can enjoy airport lounges by becoming a member of the preferred airline.

Those who do not want to commit themselves to one flight operator or who only fly occasionally can use the priority pass, which usually includes ten lounge visits. So that every guest has the chance to relax, even a normal traveler can get his place in one of the oases of calm. There are airport lounges all over the world and in every price range - from the simple, cozy variant to the true wellness and gourmet temple. The airport operators and airlines want to meet every requirement and offer the right recreational option for every budget.

Walk in - this is how you get into the lounge without a first-class ticket

In addition to frequent flyer status and the priority pass, there are other options for gaining access to popular recreational areas. In some cases, you can even save a lot of money. This is how you get to your well-deserved break:

  • Chat with the people near the entrance. First-class travelers are usually allowed to take one additional person into the lounge free of charge. Maybe you're lucky and a friendly traveler will give you free entry if you ask politely.
  • Book a day pass instead of a priority pass if you rarely fly. So you can choose the lounge and package that suits your needs and budget. And that very spontaneously and at any time.
  • Use the “Loungebuddy” app. It shows all the lounges on the route. Check in advance whether there are even free relaxation areas at the airport. Or compare the prices of the lounges and book your place directly via the app.
  • Do you fly more often? Then collect the miles and exchange them for access to an exclusive lounge instead of a chain or a suitcase. Luxury for free!

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