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Unsure? Self-doubt? 10 tips to get mentally stronger & achieve your goals!

Many people, especially at the beginning of the year, resolve to do more for their health. Be it more exercise, a healthier diet, or even both.

Often, however, these resolutions are short-lived and we fall back into our negative habits.

In my opinion (and experience), people are more successful when they first focus on their "mental fitness".

After all, your body is the tool of your mind. And building your mental muscles is the key to more self-discipline.

Something that you should develop in order to become the best version of yourself - physically and mentally.

Here are 11 tips and thoughts that will help you get stronger mentally.

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1. See problems as a step forward rather than an obstacle

Resilience is not something you are born with.

Rather, it is a process that can be learned by anyone. Also from you.

Being emotionally strong doesn't mean that you don't feel sadness, pain, or suffering. On the contrary.

You only develop resilience and mental strength when you are confronted with a painful situation.

This means that experiences that appear “bad” at first glance can actually be very positive. After all, they make you stronger.

You will learn to rebuild and recover from these negative experiences.

2. Believe in yourself and your abilities

Recognizing your own weaknesses is not the same as doubting yourself.

Finding out where your weaknesses lie helps you grow. You have skills that are positive and things that you are not very good at. That's the way it is.

Why would you focus on your weakness when you can focus on the positive things?

You can work on your weak points to move yourself forward. But just because something goes wrong doesn't mean you have failed completely.

3. Identify certain areas that you want to change

Before you can build your mental and emotional strength, you need to take stock of your strengths and weaknesses to determine what you want to change.

Once you've finished your list, you need to figure out how to turn any of your weaknesses or upcoming challenges into a goal to work towards.

Try to change this little by little. Use your positive properties to do this! Read over and over your strengths and congratulate yourself on them.

4. Learn how to regulate your emotions

Learning how to deal with your emotions is another important part of becoming emotionally and mentally strong.

You may not be able to control what life brings you, but it is always up to you to decide how you react to situations. Everyone can learn to manage their emotions productively.

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5. Remember that only you are in control of your emotions

To be mentally strong, you should know that no one can control you and your emotions.

Mentally stable people do not sit around regretting their circumstances or how others have treated them.

They don't give up the leadership, they don't allow others to control it. Do not give anyone power over you!

6. Don't be afraid to change

Mentally strong people don't try to avoid change.

Understand that change is inevitable and believe in your own adaptability. Humans are able to adapt quite quickly.

So don't waste energy on what you can't change or control. Realize that sometimes the only thing you can control is your attitude.

Embrace the change with open arms instead of mourning what once was.

7. Don't worry about making everyone happy

If you want to be mentally strong, then you have to realize that you don't have to constantly please others.

Don't be afraid to say no or to speak your mind when something does not suit you. However, always strive to be kind and fair.

Be prepared, however, that not all people are the same and that not everyone reacts to you in the same way. Learn to deal with the fact that you cannot always please everyone.

8. Remember moments from the past when you were strong

It can be hard to be emotionally strong.

Especially when you think of negative things from your past. You have to let go of these thoughts and accept the fact that these struggles made you who you are today.

Remember the fight, but in a good way. Based on your past, you can make healthy decisions about the future.

9. Get a little closer to your big goal every day

There are few things that feel worse than setting a big goal and not achieving it.

And not because it cannot be achieved, but because the goal is too far away and the deadline set is far too short. You won't be able to run a marathon overnight.

Take your time and improve every day. So you have something to look forward to every day and at the same time get closer to your goal.

10. Accept reality

Acceptance does not mean that you agree to the current situation.

It doesn't mean you don't care and you don't want to change it. But accepting what is happening is important. You have to focus on the solution. It doesn't make sense to think about it.

Thoughts like "Why are these things always happening to me?" Are useless.

Such lines of thought leave you angry, frustrated, and almost fearfully paralyzed. Difficult times are inevitable in life, whether it is a serious health problem or a financial crisis.

And it is precisely in these difficult times that your mental strength is tested.

Bonus: reflect on the day when everything is done

A few minutes of rest will give you the opportunity to reflect on the day and see what went well and what went bad.

Allow a few minutes of quiet time for yourself each day to recharge your batteries and organize thoughts. The 2-minute method is ideal for this.

This time of rest will help you gain clarity and renew the motivation you need to achieve your goals.

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