Why are vacuum cleaners still expensive

Cordless vacuum cleaner: what good is the performance of cordless devices?

Leftover breadcrumbs? Dust mice under the bed? Hair on the bathroom floor? No reason to take the large cylinder vacuum cleaner with the long cable out of the cabinet.

Instead, more and more households are turning to portable handheld vacuum cleaners with batteries. They are considered lighter and more manoeuvrable than their predecessors, do not take up as much space and are easier to use. And above all, the annoying cable does not have to be reconnected in every room.

But they run out of breath faster and the battery has to be charged. What many buyers do not bother many buyers: “Last year we saw an increase of around 30 percent in this segment,” reports Werner Scholz, Managing Director of the Central Association of the Electrical and Electronics Industry (ZVEI). Classic, wired cylinder vacuum cleaners still account for the largest sales area in terms of volume - but with a downward trend.

The performance of the handheld vacuum cleaner does not only depend on the battery

Insert the battery, switch on, start sucking: the new high-tech vacuum cleaners are quickly at hand. Some models can even be converted into even smaller hand vacuums, with which you can also remove dust from upholstery.

But is the performance of the cordless vacuum cleaner also good? To do this, you first have to look at the built-in lithium-ion battery. This stores a lot of energy in a small space, which makes it independent of the socket for a time.

“Batteries are becoming more and more efficient. In the last ten years, the energy in the battery has increased steadily for the same weight, ”says Christian Eckert from the Batteries Association, which is also part of the ZVEI.