Wealthy people play

Is golf only for the rich?

It is said to this day that golf is very expensive, elitist and that it is difficult to be accepted into a golf club at all. In Germany in particular, the prejudice that golf is a sport for the rich persists.

Why is golf an expensive sport?

The fact is that golf is relatively expensive compared to other sports. Golf equipment consists of numerous clubs, the caddy, several golf bags and appropriate golf clothing. The maintenance of a golf course is also associated with very high costs due to its size and the necessary maintenance. One must not forget, however, that the golf clubs not only take care of the golf course themselves, but also often offer golf instructors, operate a driving and putting range, operate a clubhouse and offer their members numerous other services.

Golf is developing into a popular sport

If you just look at the number of active golfers in other countries, you quickly realize that it cannot be that only the rich play golf. In the United Kingdom and the United Statesn America there are many golf courses and several million active golfers together. For some years now, the German Golf Association (DGV) has had the declared aim of making golf accessible to a broad public in Germany as well. Of course, that doesn't change the fact that equipment, training and membership in a golf club have to be paid for, but the golf clubs and associations provide help. First of all, it is important to enable interested parties to get to know and try out the sport of golf. Trial offers are now available on many golf courses for amounts from 20 euros. Clubs also often offer beginners' courses that include a few coaching lessons, rental clubs, some theory lessons and a few hours on the golf course. Most people can afford such offers and then decide whether they want to continue playing golf seriously.

How much does golf cost in a club?

Of course, all costs are very variable, as they depend on the respectiveDepend on a hurried club and in particular the cost of your own equipment can be designed according to your own wishes. It is only compulsory to take the course certificate. The costs for this are between 100 and 300 euros. A half-set of clubs can be had for around 150 euros and a usable golf bag can be bought for around 70 euros. The clubs often help with free or very cheap courses for the golf license and offer clubs for hire. Membership in a golf club costs around 200 euros a year, with a green fee of around 800 euros a year in addition. If you add up all these costs, you come to an amount that need not fear comparison with many other sports. If you just want to try the game of golf, you should contact a golf club in your area and take advantage of a beginner's or trial offer. There you will also get precise information about the specific offers of the respective club and you can then decide in peace. In no case should you be put off by the supposedly high costs.

By vincent