Where can I find a sex partner

App for sex dates: "Open relationships are not uncommon"

Phew, could you think of another flirt app? Isn't it enough that singles on Tinder, OkCupid or Lovoo are struggling to get to know more or less suitable partners? No, said Dimo ​​Trifonov seven years ago, that is really not enough. In 2014 he founded Feeld, an app not only for singles, but also for couples who are looking for sexual adventures or polyamorous relationships. The name of the app alludes to the English phrase "play the field" - not being sexually committed to one person.

He came up with the idea together with his girlfriend Ana Kirova. As Feeld's Chief Product Officer (CPO), she is now thinking about new app features and the future of online dating - especially in times of pandemic.

ICONIST: Feeld's genesis has a lot to do with its relationship with Dimo ​​Trifonov, the app's founder.

Ana Kirova: That's true. When I and Dimo ​​got together, it was like being in a movie: Everything worked out and felt so right, but I couldn't quite believe my luck. A few months after we met, I fell in love with a woman. I was so confused. I was in love with Dimo, but I was also drawn to the woman, not just physically. I had no idea what to do and thought I was in trouble. Finally I wrote Dimo ​​a message and explained what was going on. To be honest, I was surprised at how he reacted. He was almost a little mad at me for feeling bad. He said: “It could happen to me as well! We're young, live in London, who knows what's going to happen? "

ICONIST: And then came the idea for the app?

Kirova: First, we tried the usual dating apps. I registered there and stated that although I have a relationship, I would still like to meet other people. Often I got the same reaction: "This is not the right app, you and your boyfriend are swingers." But that description didn't apply to us at all. So Dimo ​​founded Feeld and it was quite a success right away. Open relationships are not uncommon. I didn't join the company straight away because I didn't want to mix work and personal life. But I've been there since 2016, most recently as CPO.